How to Select the Right Birth Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia?


When you are ready to give birth, it is essential to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the mother and infant. Unfortunately, baby injuries can happen during labor or shortly after delivery. According to reports, there were 9.9 births for every 1,000 people in Pennsylvania between July 1, 2020, and July 1, 2021

How to Select the Right Birth Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

The most common types of injuries include:

Brain damage: If a child doesn’t receive enough oxygen during the birthing process, it could lead to severe developmental delays and problems.

Severe nerve damage: This type of injury can be caused by a lack of oxygen, too much blood loss, or trauma from the use of forceps or suction cups.

Bone fractures: Sometimes, these injuries are due to medical malpractice. For example, if you are given an epidural or other medication during labor, the baby’s position may not be checked frequently enough. It leads to a misalignment of the head and neck, which can cause compression fractures.

Here are tips for choosing the right Philadelphia birth injury lawyer.

1. Check Their Experience

Besides obtaining client reviews, you should always ask how long the lawyer has been practicing in this area. Newer lawyers might not have enough experience to get a fair settlement. You must hire a birth injury lawyer who has handled similar cases.

2. See if They’re Board Certified

Philadelphia is growing at a rate of 0.03 percent annually, and its population has increased by 3.87 percent.

Every reputable birth injury attorney needs to be board certified. It means that they are experienced attorneys with the top credentials of their profession.

You can check this by looking for certification on their websites or contacting them directly.

3. Hire Someone with the Right Background

Lawyers who focus on birth injury lawsuits work with notable medical experts, including anesthesiologists and neonatologists. These doctors can determine if the injuries occurred because of negligence or lack of training.

4. Hire a Lawyer You Can Trust

You should hire someone you can trust to give you sound legal advice.

It means that you have to hire both experienced and ethical. You can check this by asking about their fees, the evidence collection process, and how they plan to handle your case.

5. Hire the Appropriate Lawyer

There are many birth injuries, but not all lawyers are familiar with all cases. For example, if the placenta is detached, you will need an obstetrician to help with the issue. On the other hand, if there are broken bones or nerve damage, you should hire an experienced birth injury lawyer right away.

6. Get Multiple Quotes

To find the best Philadelphia birth injury lawyer for your case, contact several firms and get quotes. This way, you can compare the rates and the type of services offered to find someone who works with your budget.

7. Check Their Payment Options

Some lawyers only take cases involving significant awards. Some also charge fees if they lose the case, so it’s essential to look at their contract and payment options. Hiring a lawyer who offers flexible payment plans and only charges if they win the case is necessary.

8. Check Their Communication Skills

It is essential to hire someone you can easily communicate with. You need an expert attorney who takes the time to explain every detail of your case in plain English. If the lawyer has trouble explaining your options or answering your questions, find another one as soon as possible.


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