5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring a Divorce Lawyer


There are divorce lawyers, and then there are divorce lawyers who are trustworthy and experienced. The distinction between the two is enormous.

When it comes to divorce, the type of lawyer you choose can significantly impact your case. Unfortunately, in their haste to complete the divorce process as quickly as possible, people frequently fail to invest enough time and effort in hiring the best divorce lawyer. As a result, the outcome of the divorce is poor.

Here are five common mistakes people make when selecting a divorce lawyer and how to avoid them when looking for one to fight for your case.

1. Picking a lawyer based on how much they charge

Lawyers are expensive, but not just those who are good at what they do. You can pay through the nose and hire the most expensive lawyer in town, but they could be incompetent. You can also hire an affordable divorce attorney who does not charge the earth but is knowledgeable, experienced, and capable of handling your divorce case effectively to achieve excellent results.

It makes no difference if you can’t afford an expensive lawyer. Please do not choose a divorce lawyer based on the money they charge. Choose a lawyer instead based on the number of divorce cases they have handled and won, their experience handling divorce cases, online reviews, and client reviews on their website. Don’t just look for negative reviews; positive reviews can teach you a lot about a lawyer. A good lawyer would respond to positive and negative reviews online, and you can learn a lot about them from their responses.

2. Hiring an overbooked lawyer

A reputable, qualified, and skilled divorce attorney will have clients. However, divorce proceedings can be lengthy and time-consuming, lasting months or even years. You don’t want to end up with a lawyer so swamped with cases that they can’t give your case the time and attention it deserves.

Choose a divorce lawyer with a light caseload. Someone who, despite being swamped with other clients, will devote time to your case and work tirelessly on your behalf until your divorce is finalized. They should have sufficient time to:

  • Answer your queries or doubts. If they are busy, they should be able to return a call later in the day.
  • Attend court hearings pertaining to your case.
  • Conduct as much research as required to ensure the divorce favors you.

3. Not being able to spot a competent lawyer

A divorce lawyer can make or break your case, determining whether your divorce will work for or against you. Spotting and hiring a competent and knowledgeable lawyer is the best way to ensure you get one.

Here’s how to find the best divorce lawyer. A qualified divorce lawyer will be competent and experienced, but they will also:

Be an excellent communicator who can communicate with everyone involved in your case. They will be able to explain the divorce process to you, so you understand the strength/weaknesses of your case and know what to expect from the litigation’s outcome.

Have enough resources – asufficient number of people (junior associates) familiar with your case. They can represent your case if your lawyer cannot appear in court, so your case will not be delayed or prolonged.

Be able to advise you on the case’s legal aspects and how to deal with the emotions and stress that arise during the process. They should be able to keep you calm and advise you not to do anything stupid that will harm your case or your reputation. They can correctly advise you on how to conduct yourself with your spouse. For example, what you can and cannot say, what you must refrain from doing, and what you must do to strengthen your case.

Possess certain critical qualities. They must have the confidence and strength to deal with anything the opposing counsel throws at you. Things can get nasty during a divorce, and your spouse and their lawyer may become hostile. Your lawyer should be able to handle this, as well as be an excellent planner who can think strategically to help build your case.

Perspective allows them to see both parties’ points of view and recommend the best course of action to get the most out of any situation. Finally, they should be genuinely interested in fighting your case and acting in your best interests. They should be prepared to fight for your cause in order to obtain the best settlement possible.

4. Hiring someone incompatible

A divorce lawyer who worked wonders for a friend during their divorce may not work so well for you. Yes, hiring a divorce lawyer recommended by someone is a fantastic idea, but there is a chance they will not be an excellent fit for you. Everything comes down to compatibility. The divorce process can last months or even years, and you will need to communicate with your divorce lawyer throughout this time. You need to be able to feel comfortable with the lawyer you hire and trust them without a doubt.

If you are a woman going through a divorce, you may feel more at ease with a female divorce lawyer than a male divorce lawyer. You may feel more at ease with someone older and with several years of experience than with someone with only a year or two of experience. Another important consideration is their personality; you may prefer someone aggressive rather than laid back, or you might prefer someone witty and sharp but not aggressive.

5. Hiring someone without local experience

Divorce laws can differ from state to state, and you want to hire someone who knows the ins and outs of your state’s divorce laws. Judges have unique ways of handling divorce case issues like child support and alimony. It would be best to have a divorce lawyer who has handled several cases in the local area. That way, you can be sure they are familiar with the judges in that area and how they handle different aspects of divorce cases. That way, your lawyer can work your case in a way that will favor a judge’s decision in your favor.

Final thoughts

So, there you have it: five mistakes to avoid when selecting and hiring a divorce attorney and what you can do to avoid making them. It’s not about how much your divorce lawyer costs or how well one attorney handled a case for someone you know. It all comes down to their local knowledge and the amount of time they can devote to your case. It also boils down to their commitment to working in your best interest and how well you get along with them.

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