How to Make a Partnership Contract: Tips for Business Owners


The Partnership Contract sample is an option that enables users to conclude an appropriate from the legal point of view contract, where all the main sections are filled in correctly. It is signed by the parties involved in the establishment of the partnership structured business. The contract provides a detailed description of the rights and obligations of each participant. In addition to the name, the investment amounts, drawings, distribution of profits, and losses are stipulated. If there are unequal shares, it is described what party owns the main part of the business.

It is recommended to carefully outline the points about the assignment of the share. If desired, modifications can be made to the document. The text itself describes the amendment procedure. For example, when it comes to additional investments. New specific provisions can be introduced that relate to the regulation of the business. For this purpose, it is better to draw up an additional written document.

Details of the Partnership Contract template

The Partnership Agreement sample includes blank boxes. It is necessary to follow the instructions step by step. Nine fields are to be filled in.

  1. Information about the partner (place of residence, including the country, the full name, physical address, date of signing the contract).
  2. Details (name and address of the company, activity type, and purpose of the business).
  3. Contributions to the partnership capital (date of the contribution, amount).
  4. Accounts (for money transfers). This item may contain profit and loss statements.
  5. Salaries (information on payments and bank accounts).
  6. Affiliate books and records (indicating where to keep them).
  7. Management and possible liquidation (winding up the partnership’s affairs).
  8. Withdrawal of partner (it is possible subject to the unanimous consent of other partners).
  9. Dismissal or death of the partner (with the redemption of his/her share).

The company name (it should not duplicate existing trademarks) must be specified in a complete form. It must be registered with the appropriate government agency. If the business is based online, it is allowed to specify the residential address. The document can become effective immediately after signing. Otherwise, the exact dates when the provisions of the contract will be legally taken into account are published.

Information about contributions is described in as much detail as possible. They may include services, property, or monetary funds. In the latter case, it is recommended to specify the exact amount. It is necessary to think through how the business owners will receive profit payouts, for instance, in a form of an interest rate. It is allowed to distribute the profit evenly to the partners or in proportion based on a share in the total amount of the investments. Each partner can receive money via a dedicated account. They are also allowed to receive a salary. Its amount depends on the goals, contributions, and profits of the partnership.

The place where the reports are stored is the physical address. Most often it coincides with the location of the office. In addition, the books may be kept at the lawyer’s office. They can be checked by an authorized person, which is indicated in the text of the document.

Is there any software available with a Partnership Agreement sample?

Yes, there is. Pandadoc is one of the options available on the market. When it is installed, you can automate the document management process. One of the features is the generation and tracking of contracts. You can select any template, adjust the fields, and change the settings to suit your personal preferences. Business owners are provided with the ability to use digital signatures. The main features of the software include:

  • Generation of offers;
  • Closing deals;
  • Team management;
  • Branding;
  • Integration with major CRMs.

The software integrates with the main payment systems. There is a capability to connect cloud storage services. Advantages include customizable templates. The corporate design and style can be used for them.


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