6 Reasons for Students to Hold Off on a Wedding


It is usually assumed that all girls dream of getting married successfully. Planning a wedding, buying a beautiful dress, inviting guests, and receiving greetings. Isn’t it one of those fairytale dreams that everyone wants to come true? Still, in the modern world, some may have doubts about whether to take such a serious step.

Student life is perhaps the most difficult period in the course of human existence. Combining studying with work, suffering informational overload, and experiencing constant pressure. Some people manage to find room for relationships and even think about getting married.

Not so long ago people were used to thinking that every stage in life must be undergone step by step. First, completing an educational institution. Second, founding a family and raising kids. As practice shows, this plan is not working at such a slow pace in modern life.

Some students already think about such serious and responsible things as marriage. They are willing to skip the educational stage and enter adulthood faster than necessary. This results in them giving up university and other grave consequences.

Still, finishing at least the undergraduate program with the help of johnringo services assistance and obtaining a diploma is crucial. Even if the college workload seems too difficult to manage, you can always find help online.

In this article, we will suggest the most potent reasons for students to hold off on a wedding. Continue reading and maybe you will somehow change your point of view.

6 Reasons for Students to Hold Off on a Wedding

1. Students Are Still Kids

This may sound very parent-like. But who would doubt that an average student is not yet ready to take responsibility for many different issues marriage implies? Sometimes it is difficult to take care of oneself, let alone about another person or even a child.

Before getting married, you will have to ask your parents if they are willing to allocate additional costs. And it is not just about a wedding. This fact primarily focuses on housing. Not all parents are ready to let a newly married couple live in their house and share space with them.

The same applies to the couple. It is extremely important to start building a family from scratch, not to adjust to the rules established by parents. Thus, choosing a separate dwelling is the first and foremost recommendation that may be given to the engaged people. So, lack of own living space and financial problems are the first signs of the necessity to hold off on a wedding.

2. Emotional Immaturity

This particularly refers to the ability to understand oneself and one’s feelings, assumptions and make reasonable decisions. Those entering an early student marriage notice that the feeling of falling in love can peter out over time. Therefore, many decide to divorce. Young people often confuse pure love with simple feelings of sympathy, so it is worth preparing for marriage and not rushing to the registry office.

3. Suffering Pressure

This factor is closely related to the previous one. Let’s just look at it from a slightly different perspective. If a person is emotionally immature it is difficult for them to oppose societal pressure.

Sometimes rash choices may be provoked by some religious or cultural beliefs, or because of peer pressure. In such cases, it is better to postpone a wedding and think it over. This will help you understand your feelings better and make the right decision.

4. Uncertain Professional Future

Even if you are a senior student, it is not yet clear how your life is going to change after graduating. Since your marriage is planned in an outburst of love and passion, you may have no solid plan for the distant future. Not making any specific preparations, not trying to find a decent job, not even thinking about the financial security of a future family may lead to some pretty harsh consequences.

In other words, early marriage often means losing career achievements. If it is crucial for you to become an expert in a chosen field, you should think carefully, and calculate all possible options before getting married.

And if you are far from any claims for career success, your parents don’t mind maintaining a young family, why not organize a wedding? But first, make sure that marriage will not interfere with your studies at all. Indeed, it often entails worsening of memory, lack of time for homework and chores. It becomes almost impossible to write a term paper or a thesis, because of family problems and responsibilities.

5. Unplanned Pregnancy

Most couples who enter marriage during their student years try to postpone having children until they graduate. The fear is that an unplanned pregnancy could seriously interfere with their well-thought-out future outline. Though, due to ignorance, or rather carelessness, every third student pregnancy is unplanned. Before getting married, it is very important to be aware of the fact that despite all the precautions, the possibility of becoming parents is multiplied.

6. Lack of Confidence in a Partner

If the chance of becoming a young parent does not worry you, think if you are 100% sure you are marrying the right person. Are you acquainted with your partner for such a long time that you believe everything he or she says? If your couple is too young to get to know each other from top to bottom, then you may think about holding off on the wedding. Otherwise, some surprises may await you on the other side of the marriage when it’s too late to back out.

Final Words

Founding a family is an important step in each person’s life. Indeed, some things must be given up, while others must be taken and accepted. Getting married is easy. A beautiful wedding, the pleasant realization of oneself as an adult – these are all positives. Still, it is worth remembering that behind the bright colors of joy hides a burden of responsibility.


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