How to Build a Strong & Efficient Sales Team in Toronto


A business operating in a strong and demanding economy like Toronto must have a top-performing sales team for success. But it can be challenging to assemble a strong and effective sales team without proper knowledge about the hiring process.

How to Build a Strong & Efficient Sales Team in Toronto

When hiring sales professionals, many companies look for top performers with proven records of high sales numbers. However, focusing only on one criterion can result in a lack of productivity and increased staff turnover, which can be costly for your organization. This guide will help you understand the essential steps to build a strong and efficient sales team to boost your revenue and grow your client base.

Define Your Hiring Needs

When screening potential candidates, you must be certain about what type of employee you need. Do you require experts who bring results from day one? Or, do you prefer someone with less experience who you can train based on your business needs? Your hiring needs can vary depending on your expectations from the sales professional, so it’s essential to understand what you need to find a suitable candidate.

Be Transparent About Goals

If your sales team doesn’t know what you expect from them, they may be unproductive and unable to achieve your company’s desired goals. It’s essential to set clear, understandable, and achievable goals that your team can follow. You may need to modify targets based on your business needs and feedback from your sales team.

Being transparent about your expectations will enable you to hire suitable candidates. Discuss the responsibilities of the person you may hire by writing a clear job posting description and having an open conversation during the interview.

Work with a Sales Recruiter

Sales recruiters have the knowledge and expertise to find top talent in the city. A Toronto sales recruitment agency like Sales Talent Agency will save you the time and resources to look for the ideal candidates for your sales team. Using a specialized recruitment agency that works primarily with salespeople will ensure you have accessed the best talent, and that you won’t hire the wrong candidates.

Professional recruiting services can also assist you with other steps in the hiring process, such as interviewing and onboarding. Working with a recruitment agency is a sure-fire way to build a top-performing sales team as they know to spot the most qualified individuals and match them with employers.

Offer Competitive Salary & Benefits

In a competitive economy like Toronto with abundant job opportunities, the sales professional you hire can leave for a better opportunity, resulting in higher replacement costs for your company. Offering the right compensation is one of the key pillars to attract and retain the best talent.

When your team feels fairly compensated, they’re more likely to work harder to help your company grow. A survey found that the top three drivers of job satisfaction are compensation/pay, benefits, and respectful treatment of employees, so offering a higher salary and additional benefits will improve staff retention and be profitable for your firm.

Building a high-performing sales team requires some effort from your end. Take your time to define your company’s needs and expectations, work with a specialized recruitment agency, and offer a compensation package your sales team can’t refuse!


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