A Comprehensive Guide to the XM Broker Review


Opiniones XM broker review: If you’re looking to learn more about the XM Group broker, be sure to take a look at our comprehensive guide to their services and advice on how to use them most effectively. Whether you are new to Forex trading or have lots of experience in the industry, you’ll find something useful within these pages that will help you master your finances and achieve your long-term investment goals faster than ever before!

A Comprehensive Guide to the XM Broker Review

Regulation, licensing, financial viability and reputation

Finding a forex broker should be your first priority when getting started. This is because of a few things that you need to be aware of: first, different countries have different requirements for brokers and you don’t want to end up signing up with a business that is not regulated by any government entity. You also want make sure that your broker has enough money and liquidity to provide you with fair prices; if they are lacking in either of these areas, then your trades may execute at an unfair price or worse yet – they might never execute at all (ie., your order will get stuck in a pending state). Lastly, reputation is important as it can tell you how scammy or professional their company seems on paper.

XM’s trading platform

Xm broker opiniones: There are a number of factors that have shaped my opinion on XM’s platform. For instance, one major plus is the overall ease of use. While some brokers, especially retail ones geared towards beginners, have very basic trading platforms and can be somewhat clumsy to use, XM has done a good job creating an interface that combines a lot of information and details into something that is simple but also fairly intuitive. Having been an active trader for many years now, I find it very easy to get comfortable with their layout and go about doing my business. There’s enough room for all necessary data but not so much as to overwhelm users either. Overall, everything seems in place; from design choices and tool implementation down to functionality and responsiveness, everything feels like it fits together perfectly.

Deposits, withdrawals, funding and fees

The first thing you’ll notice about XM is that they don’t charge commissions. Instead, clients are charged a spread of around 4 pips on EUR/USD and GBP/USD, while AUD/USD and USD/CHF spreads are around 5 pips. While trading with a lower spread should always be preferred to buying from a commission-based broker, keep in mind that spreads change over time depending on market conditions, news events and other factors. Check out our live charts for updated spread information. You can also see real-time charts here or learn more about them here. You can also see detailed funding rates info in our Forex brokers comparison table.

Customer service quality

Almost all XM Group customers we surveyed (97%) reported being happy with its customer service quality. In a world where other forex brokers often struggle in that area, we found that impressive. However, not everything was roses: a number of traders told us they missed 24/7 service and direct access to support staff via telephone. Overall, though, with an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars in our 2016 survey – which is based on responses from more than 2,500 retail forex traders around the world – you’re sure to be in safe hands here.

Trading support tools

Once you’ve chosen a broker, it’s time to figure out which trading platform will best fit your needs. In-depth reviews can be found on forums and personal blogs across the internet, but with so many variables—and literally hundreds of platforms out there—it can be difficult finding unbiased and reliable information. That’s why we did all of that work for you! See our top picks for Best Forex Brokers for 2016 here.

Marketing & Promotions

If you’re looking for more information on our opinion of these providers and want to learn why, I highly recommend reading our Best Online Brokers page. Our broker reviews go into great detail about what each brokerage offers and a full analysis on if they’re right for your investing needs. While we don’t think that any one of these companies is clearly better than another (unless you have a personal preference), there are some important things to consider when deciding which online broker is best for your needs. What do you look for in an online broker? Are low commissions most important or does convenience trump everything else? Is mobile trading something that’s important to you or not really necessary? How about trade execution speed, research tools, investment research and data access, customer service, or something else entirely?


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