How Engravings Are the Perfect Way of Customizing Your Wedding Bands


A wedding is perhaps the most memorable event in your lifetime and, naturally, you both would want to buy a perfect ring and symbolize your love and commitment to each other. Engraving the rings is a wonderful way of making your wedding rings exclusive without making an obvious display of them.

Perhaps the most blazing pattern in wedding rings today is inscriptions. Etchings add a heartfelt and significant touch to a wedding ring and assist couples with remembering their uncommon day in a manner that is particularly theirs. Etching a date, a name, or a private message inside the wedding ring are both in vogue and expressive and the best option for some couples.

How Engravings Are the Perfect Way of Customizing Your Wedding Bands

Nonetheless, in case words aren’t exactly your thing, there are additionally excellent examples that you can have engraved into your wedding ring that will add detail and lavishness. What’s more, in a period where many couples are searching for gems that is somewhat not quite the same as their companions, or their companions and family members’ adornments, engraved gems is a beautiful decision. Inscriptions let you be important for your ring’s story.

In case you’re thinking about an engraved wedding ring, yet aren’t exactly certain what etching you need on your ring, go ahead and continue to peruse for certain thoughts and motivation. A look at some of the more popular wedding band engravings:

Geographical Coordinates

Many couples attach great importance to certain places for a variety of reasons. These can range from the place where you both met for the first time, to the place of your first date, where you proposed, a place you have good memories of, where you got engaged, and more. The geographical coordinates of the place can be easily engraved on your rings and bind you both as one for eternity.

Use Foreign Language

If you have traveled abroad together or dream of going somewhere, you can engrave an expression of your love ad commitment for each other in the language of that country. However, be sure to check the correct way of writing it with a native speaker of the language, or else you could end up making an embarrassing mistake that will make you look foolish.

A mainstream, significantly more, individual bend on having names on your rings is to etch your names in your own penmanship! Present day innovation has made it a lot simpler for diamond setters to make specially crafts, from completely uniquely designed rings to signature inscriptions in your own penmanship.

Regardless of whether this works for you might rely upon your accomplice’s penmanship, notwithstanding. Thriving marks can make for a lovely engraving, yet a little, especially chaotic mark could look like scratches on your band—which might demolish the general sentiment of this decision.

Lyrics of Songs

If you both love a particular song, or there’s a song that carries a special romantic meaning for you, you can consider engraving the title or the first line of that song on your wedding bands. If both of you are film buffs, you can think of inscribing the name of a film that you have seen on your first date or after seeing it, you had proposed. See a fine collection of engraved wedding rings for more ideas on the website of Epic Wedding Bands.

In case you’re a miserable heartfelt, there’s nothing more fitting than a line of verse. Pick a line from a heartfelt sonnet that communicates your sentiments. Regardless of whether you go with Shakespeare, Cummings, or an unknown grab of verse, there’s no etching more heartfelt than an idyllic one.

Religious Quote

Religious couples may choose to have a line from a holy book inscribed on the rings. Verses referring to love, faith, and kindness work particularly well in this context, according to Shutterfly. However, if you are using anything from a different religion, you must make sure that you understand the connotation well. It is not necessary to always use a line from the holy book; even a reference to it in some way or a religious symbol can work well.

Do you and your unique somebody have a most loved statement? Possibly it is a line from the writing that you reinforced over or a film line that you both love. Consider engraving that on the band as an image of your common association and the things that united you. For instance, Star Wars fans could engrave “I love you” on one band and “I know” on the other regarding the famous trade between Han Solo and Princess Leia.

How Are Wedding and Engagement Rings Engraved?

There are three strategies for ring etching: hand etching, machine etching and laser etching. Hand etching is the most established and most customary procedure and produces a defective outcome. What hand etching needs accuracy, it more than compensates for in exceptional appeal and character. Machine etching utilizes layouts that are followed during the recording cycle. You will be restricted to the textual styles accessible inside the formats of the etcher with this method, anyway the outcome will be more formally dressed than hand etching.

Laser etching offers the most adaptability as it empowers the etcher to include customized plans into a PC fit to be recorded. The place of a laser is likewise incredibly fine, implying that more letters, words and subtleties can be crushed onto the outside of the band.

Split Messages

If you are looking to connect your ring to that of your partner in a special way, there’s nothing perhaps better than splitting a quotation, a song lyric, an expression of love between the two rings. Apart from conventional quotations, sayings, and lyrics, you can even have a message that is known only by the two of you split between the rings.


Many people choose to have rings that look exclusive from the outside and can go to great lengths to customize them with the choice of the material, the finish, the inlays, and the gemstones. However, if you do not want to make it obvious to the rest of the world and share a private bond, there is nothing more exclusive than an engraving that only you two know of.


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