Top Reasons That Should Stop You from Using a Free VPN Service


Virtual private networks (VPNs) allow users to access content that is unavailable in their specific region. They hide user IP addresses too. If you use a VPN service, you can browse the internet with the IP address of another country. As a result, you can remain anonymous on the web, be less vulnerable to cyberattacks, and access your favorite shows and movies. While you can subscribe to packages like the ultimate Spectrum internet packages for your internet needs and Gold package for your TV needs, it is the unavailable content that you can easily access with VPNs.

Top Reasons That Should Stop You from Using a Free VPN Service

Free and paid VPN services are available for both PCs and smartphones. It is better to use a premium service. The reason is simple. While a free VPN service will allow you to connect to the web, many significant disadvantages are present too. Security compromise, tracking of online activity by third parties, limited data usage, slowing down of internet connection, and ad spamming are a few of them. To know the top reasons why you should avoid using a free VPN service, read the passages below.

Security Compromise

Even though one of the main reasons to use a VPN is to protect oneself from hackers. Surprisingly, however, many free VPNs come with malware. Not only will they drain your smartphone’s battery life, but they will bring with them a host of bugs. These potential security breaches can also result in loss of data. Most of the malware will make its way to your device via advertising content. This is the case mostly with free VPNs. Paid and premium VPNs do not display advertising ads!

Tracking of Online Activity

One of the main reasons a person uses a VPN is to surf the web anonymously. They want to hide their browsing activity. However, free VPNs will track your online activity. And so will their partner organizations. All the ads that you see are from their clients. They will not only collect cookies from your online activity but also have a look at your browsing behavior. Interestingly, this is no hidden knowledge either. All you need to is read the disclaimers of these free VPNs! Therefore, it is better to subscribe to a premium VPN that states a clear policy regarding activity tracking and sharing with partner organizations.

Limit Data Usage

Free VPNs simply do not allow users to browse the web for free forever. They will trick you into finally buying their paid packages. Take the example of Tunnelbear. The company only allows users to use their service for free for 500 MB a month. If you frequently need to use the internet for work or entertainment purposes, it will simply not be able for you to continue using the service with such a limited data usage allowance.

Slow Down Internet

You will frequently notice that your internet is slowing down on a free VPN service. The service providers do this on purpose. They want to frustrate you into buying their premium packages. Once you upgrade to their paid version, you will be able to browse the internet with outstanding speeds.

Ad Spamming

No business in the world provides services for free. There is always an associated cost. Take the example of Facebook. You may not pay a single penny to the social media platform. However, the company will collect your personal data and sell it to their partner organizations. Similarly, free VPNs aren’t really free. They will generate money in order to survive in the dense market competition. To do this, they display ads of their partner clients. These ads are not only invasive, but they also contain profane content at times. If you click on them, you will go to a third-party website. VPN service providers charge these organizations money to display their ads while you are browsing the web. If you try popular VPNs for free, you will receive ads frequently.

Hotspot Shield’s free app will surely give you a headache because ads are many and unavoidable. As mentioned above, that these ad providers will also request your data from the VPN service provider.

In light of all the above reasons, it is better to subscribe to a premium service. The service provider will keep your data safe, online presence anonymous, and provide an ad-free service.


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