Film Guide: 5 Points You’ll Want to Know About Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


As far as superhero films go, Black Panther is one of the best films ever produced in recent times. Nothing quite compares to the awesomeness of Wakanda, after all. And when it comes to movies, nothing can quite compare to an excellent review. Here’s a quick summary of what you need to know about Black Panther and how it differs from the film’s predecessors.

1. Wakanda is a different kind of world

Wakanda is home to the Black Panther, who protects and rules over the country as its king. It’s a technologically advanced nation formed by foreigners from Africa who were forced into exile by powerful European tribes. These Africans discovered something incredible about the region, and it became their hiding ground in Africa.

The Black Panther comics on which the film is based were set in Wakanda but set the rest of Africa in Stone Age conditions, with Wakandans living in relative luxury thanks to their hidden collection of vibranium, a fictional metal with real-world applications. It’s a Thor-level metal with many applications. The Panther’s suit is made of it, for example.

2. Wakanda is one of the most advanced civilizations in the Marvel universe

Wakanda has been around for a long time. It’s a country that thrives in technology and innovation. The nation owns the Vibranium Mound, the most significant source of this metal globally. Its citizens are masters of energy creation and manipulation who can create a wide range of objects out of this substance. They’re also highly skilled in crafting weapons that use vibranium.

This highly advanced technology has enabled Wakanda to become the most advanced civilization in their universe, with many of the country’s citizens living in a TV-inspired utopia. Its infrastructure is also incredibly developed, with access to clean water and energy. In the film industry news, Wakanda is the location of the Vibranium mine used in Avengers: Infinity War and the source of some of the nation’s technology.

The movie also shows that the country is incredibly wealthy, which further helps them maintain its technological advantage. It’s been demonstrated that Wakanda has the world’s largest supply of vibranium, making it the most valuable resource in the world.

3. Wakanda is ruled by two people, the Black Panther, and his future successor

The King of Wakanda is known as the Black Panther, a mighty warrior, and the country’s chief protector. The current Black Panther in the movie is T’Challa, and he’s set to pass on his position to his sister Shuri when he dies.

According to Marvel’s lore, there are four qualifications that a person must meet to become the Black Panther. They must possess the heart of a warrior, the body of a king, and they must be able to lead Wakanda through all its wars. Being the only one to inherit an animal totem and being born under a particular star sign also plays a role.

It’s believed that only two people in Wakanda can become Black Panther, which explains why T’Challa has his sister Shuri by his side. However, most people don’t know this because it hasn’t been revealed yet as to whether or not they meet the four qualifications.

4. The Black Panther’s suit is just as powerful as his shield

The Black Panther’s vibranium suit has been used for a long time to protect the nation from external threats, with the king being the only person who gets to wear it. It’s potent, with it being able to absorb and store kinetic energy to return that energy during an attack. This means that a series of hits has less impact on its user.

It also makes them invincible if they can channel all the vibrations they absorb back into their attacker. This is how the Black Panther manages to beat up several opponents at once without getting hurt.

The vibranium suit also allows its user to travel through any vibrations that he comes across, where the name Black Panther comes from. This also makes it easier for them to avoid enemy attacks during battle. The suit has been a critical factor in Black Panther’s significant successes in Wakanda.

A lot of the movie’s action scenes show how strong the suit is and how useful it is to T’Challa in combat, with him being able to take on several opponents at once thanks to its absorption abilities.

5. The Black Panther movie is the MCU’s most diverse cast

The movie’s production team has ensured that it has the most diverse cast in comic book movie history. It features an ensemble cast of stars from both sides of the globe, and they are all spread out evenly to make sure that each race is represented as much as possible.

The decision makes sense since Wakanda is a country with many different tribes, all of whom have different cultures that they live by. This ensures that everyone gets to be represented in their country, with each tribe having its own unique culture and traditions.


The Black Panther movie was a massive success at the box office, becoming one of Marvel’s highest-grossing movies. Fans have been waiting for this movie, and it did its job of satisfying Marvel fans while also showing them some new things to appreciate in the process. It’s now up to audiences to decide whether or not they want more movies like this made and, if so, what kind of stories they want to be told.


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