How to Learn to Shoot Better in Games


Game shooters are one of the most popular genres in the gaming industry. The opportunity to try yourself in the role of a soldier, or an arrow, in different periods of history attracts many gamers.

Shooting plays an important role in such games – the player has to quickly and efficiently destroy opponents and not die himself.

There are arcade shooters where you can run and shoot, and the main focus is on the picture around. Call of Duty example.

There are realistic – where the emphasis is on the complexity and real ballistics of the shot. In such a game, you can easily die from a well-aimed shot of the enemy. An example is ARMA 3.

There are futuristic – where players are invited to understand what the conflicts of the future will look like and take part in them.

An example is destiny 2 recovery service.

The most important thing in shooting:

  • Accuracy
  • Reaction
  • The desire to put headshots
  • Competent movement


Accuracy is an important parameter in shooting – it is calculated by the number of shots and how many of them hit the target.

Accuracy is trained by composure, well-tuned DPI on the mouse – if you set the sensitivity indicator too high, then in a situation where you need to sharply aim at the target, you risk missing the enemy model and being killed. Set the sensitivity as low as you feel comfortable.

Next, we need to accustom ourselves to shoot single – one round at a time, or bursts – three rounds at a time. It is easier to achieve accuracy with such shooting than with chaotic shooting at targets. With this technique, you will aim at the target and shoot with aim for each pull of the trigger. Gradually, accuracy will increase. Shooting chaotically, you reduce everything to a matter of chance – all 30 bullets will hit the target, or not.


A good and important skill for shooting at medium and close range. The reaction helps in situations when the enemy suddenly appears in front of you and only a trained reaction will help you react correctly and hit the target with a well-aimed shot. If you don’t have the skill, you run the risk of getting confused and not taking the necessary actions that will lead to death, or panic shooting with wasted ammo. When the clip is empty, you can be killed during reloading.

The reaction is trained simply – we take the sight away from the target, but we hold the target with a side view. We sharply move the sight to the target and make a shot, immediately remove the sight. Your task is to easily and accurately transfer the sight from an empty point to the enemy. So you will be guaranteed to react and shoot accurately in situations where the enemy suddenly appeared in front of you.

The desire to put headshots

Headshot is an important skill that shows the skill of a shooter. The better and better you can eliminate targets with a well-aimed shot, the higher your class as an arrow. The headshot is important because it is guaranteed to kill the target, with no way to recover from the wound and continue to pose a threat.

To increase headshot kill percentage, do the following:

  1. Properly adjust the mouse sensitivity – You need to achieve the effect of light and precise movement on a small object – the head. The head is often in motion, which complicates the task.
  2. Choose a small scope – A well-visible and small scope will help you aim accurately at your head by minimizing distractions. Large scopes reduce accuracy by obstructing sight contours.

Competent movement

Good tactically correct movement provides an increase in shooting performance.

The right shooter moves to always be ready and open fire from a vantage point and be able to withdraw with close fire contact.

In arcade shooters – that is, without reference to the real laws of physics – jumping and using mobility as the basis of the game engine will help with this.

In realistic shooters, tactical walking and using the terrain as a basis for a successful attack and defense, if necessary, will do.

Try to analyze the territory and choose your path so that you can get an advantage in case of a collision with the enemy.

Master the system of strafes and covers – strafes are not wide movements that prevent the enemy from hitting you and predicting the next move. Strafes are performed by moving left-right while maintaining firepower and the ability to shoot.

Use cover whenever possible and move using cover to your advantage, but don’t stay in one place – camping leads to loss of initiative and often to defeat


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