Comme Des Garçons You Must Know


CDG, Comme des Garçons is a Japanese clothing company headquartered in Paris that was created. Rei Kawakubo has launched a fashion label. The brand was established in 1973, while the firm was formed in 1969. The French flagship company is located in Paris. It also creates a national and international shop network for numerous product categories, notably Dover Street Market and key parts of Hong Kong, New York, Melbourne, and London.

Comme Des Garcons You Must Know

Comme des Garçons play is a line of clothing under the main company. The clothing and apparel have gained much popularity because of the stylish and sleek type of clothing that is manufactured under the Comme des Garçons play name.

The Beginning:

Throughout Paris Fashion Week and Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the business showcases its key designs. This brand, like many other companies, increases its range to include pieces of jewellery and fragrances.

Its clothing was frequently linked with a damaged and punk type aesthetic during the 1980s. Kawakubo’s “Destroy” series, which that designer called in 1982, became highly criticised. Bizarre trends persisted throughout the 1990s; unfortunately, most of the clothes have been despised by fashion professionals.

In 2004, the firm divided its operations into two divisions: handcrafted clothes were manufactured in France and places like Japan, Spain, and Turkey, non-handmade clothing was made. Tricot, Shirt, Deux, Junya Watanabe, Homme Plus Evergreen, Ganryu, and Homme Plus Evergreen are all produced in France.

The PLAY Series:

Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons PLAY collection elevates clothing staples with interesting patterns and motifs that use the trademark heart emblem. The bug-eyed heart emblem, developed by New York artisan Filip Pagowski, has become associated with the company as it releases new simple and versatile clothing.

The most famous and widespread CDG informal elegance brand, Play, is typically obtained in Spain, Turkey, and Japan, while some products are handcrafted in France. Filip Pagowski created the heart emblem, which was embroidered onto Play components.

Fashion in Comme des Garçons play:

Over the decades, the business has frequently partnered in various entertainment and creative initiatives on a global scale. Rei Kawakubo and New York-based performer Merce Cunningham collaborated for the 1997 spring collections that included material in abundance and spheres mostly on clothes.

The 2006 autumn-winter collection was inspired by the notion of the persona, or the various ways to portray oneself to society. Persona was yet another series that blended the female with the male by combining structured menswear with much more female qualities, including corsets and floral patterned fashion apparel. Well over for centuries, the firm has partnered with several different labels, including Hammerthor and H&M.

Perfumes in Comme des Garçons:

The anti-perfume is a concoction of 53 unconventional elements that combine to produce a contemporary and eye-catching smell. These sounds include oxygenation, metallic flashing, wind-dried washes, crystalline charcoal, dunes, nail colours, cellulosic, clean air of mountain ranges, burned tires, and blazing rock. Adrian Joffe, the developer’s spouse and the corporation’s CEO, established two firms.

Parfums from Comme des Garçons has been responsible for licencing part of the fragrances to Puig since 2002, while Comme des Garçons Parfums is responsible for marketing the remainder by itself. GIRL, a male-female fragrance produced by the business, was introduced in August 2014.

The play series of Comme des Garçons is indeed a well-known series where the apparels are too comfortable and cosy. The heart emblem being the logo has been loved by a multitude of consumers.


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