Five Mistakes to Avoid When Filing a Car Accident Claim


Car accidents are inevitable with reckless drivers on the road. According to Denverite 2021 analysis, there were approximately 3,453 car accidents in Denver, Colorado, based on city-data.

Sounds alarming? Well, it is!

Being in a car accident can leave you shocked to the core. Therefore, how you deal with the incident is highly important. When you are injured in a car accident, you expect to get rightful compensation from a third party for your property damage or injuries.

But if you are not prepared or never experienced a car accident earlier, you may not know whom to speak to, how the claim process works, and what your rights are. Filing a car accident claim can be lengthy and frustrating if not handled properly. That’s why it is easier to make mistakes or even forfeit your rights while seeking a quick solution.

So, before you get into trouble or make any such mistake, let’s look at the top five mistakes people usually make before filing a car accident claim.

#1 Delay in Filing the Car Accident Claim

Most people don’t understand that filing a car accident claim after the deadline is passed reduces your chances of receiving compensation by half. Once the deadline is crossed, the defendant may request the court to dismiss the case, and the court is most likely to do so.
For instance, the statute of limitations for a car accident in Denver is three years from the date of the accident. So, if you have been planning to hire an attorney and file your car accident claim but haven’t done so, call this Denver car accident lawyer, the O’Sullivan Law Firm, right away.

A professional law firm holds extensive experience in investigating complex car accident claims and the resources required to determine the liability while helping clients secure their rightful compensation against the losses.

#2 Failure to File a Police Report

It is important to file a police report as soon as a car accident occurs. The police report details when and where the accident occurred, who was involved, and how the incident occurred. In addition, the police report is used as evidence in court to support your argument.

However, if you fail to file a timely police report, any crucial or official information from the scene of the accident will not be documented in the legal system for your later use. In other words, you, the jury, and the judge will have to rely on the testimonies you and the defendant received about what happened in the wreck, which may be misleading sometimes.

#3 Accepting The Settlement Offer

After the car accident, the other party’s insurance company is most likely to contact you. It is because they would like to settle the situation as early as possible so that your case is closed even before knowing the full extent of your damages and injuries. Most people who feel hesitant to file a car claim end up agreeing to the settlement offer, which is a big mistake.

However, you need to understand that once you accept the settlement offer from the insurance company, you may be asked to sign a release that would stop you from filing the car claim or seeking any compensation. This means you cannot bring any additional claims—ever.

So, before accepting the settlement, always consult your lawyer and ensure it covers all your losses. Also, your insurer may not feel happy about signing a waiver as it would prevent them from pursuing their measures against the driver.

#4 Posting Information on Social Media

Most people fail to realize that posting information on social media while pursuing a lawsuit can harm your case. But unfortunately, it is standard practice for attorneys or insurance teams to look into your social media accounts to find something that would help their case more than yours. And they usually do so without your knowledge or permission.

Therefore, when you post revealing information about your accident, you give the court or even the defender a chance to use that information against you.

Even though you won’t admit your fault on social media, this may accidentally leave out the evidence for the defendant. Therefore, it is best not to post any accident-related information on social media until your case is closed.

#5 Not Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer

This is another big mistake people make after suffering a car accident. They file a lawsuit but try to save costs by navigating the claim themselves without a professional lawyer.

Unfortunately, that means going up against lawyers and insurance companies who are way more experienced in dealing with complicated car accident claims than an average person.

While you are not legally bound to employ a lawyer, a professional lawyer helps you by resolving the case quickly and in your best interest. They know how to win your case, strengthen your case, and fight for the compensation amount that’s fair for you.


Car accidents are relatively common but also traumatic. Therefore, knowing what to do and what not to do can significantly affect your compensation eligibility and your claim’s value. So, avoid the above-listed mistakes if you have been planning to file a car accident claim. However, if you are still unsure, play your part right and hire an experienced car accident attorney to do the job for you.


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