Benefits of Chernobyl Tours


When choosing where to go on vacation, many people choose Chernobyl tours. It is essentially an excellent solution for those who love adventure, unusual emotions. Today, visiting abandoned places is a hobby of many people. They collect theirs, take unforgettable photographs and accumulate impressions.

How safe are Chernobyl tours now?

Accidents at nuclear power plants are rated from 1 to 7. It considers the number of emissions that have entered the atmosphere and the number of victims. Currently, only two accidents have been assigned the highest score – Chernobyl NPP and Fukushima-1. In both cases, all residents of the surrounding areas were evacuated.

Benefits of Chernobyl Tours

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident occurred on April 26, 1986, which means more than 35 years ago. The entire territory was cleared several times during this time: the “Red Forest” was cut down and buried in the ground, all asphalt pavements were washed. Such actions led to the fact that the territory began to be cleared much faster.

In addition, the 30-kilometer zone was mainly contaminated with cesium and strontium, with half-lives of 25 and 30 years. Studies show that the radiation level in most of the territory is now about the same as in Kyiv. As a result, Chernobyl tours safe raises no questions.

Pripyat tours involve staying in a 10 km zone. The radiation levels are slightly higher here, assuming that this area will never be habitable again. It has been contaminated with elements with a half-life of several thousand hundred years.

To make people feel comfortable during tours to Chernobyl, they receive a unique device that measures the level of radiation. It is worth noting that radiation does not spread evenly over surfaces. So, it can be close to zero on the road, and in a step near the thickets of moss, you can receive a small dose of radiation. As soon as the device starts beeping, it would be best to immediately leave this place.

Chernobyl tours cost

The cost of Chernobyl tours from Kiev depends on many indicators:

  • Want an individual tour or as part of a group;
  • How much time do you want to spend in the Exclusion Zone;
  • What places do you want to visit;
  • Language.

Every year tourists from all over the world come here, so tours are held here in Russian, Ukrainian and English. The cost of an English-language excursion will be slightly higher.
Now you can choose an excursion for 1 or 2 days. The tour bus will pick you up in Kiev and take you to the exclusion zone. If you decide to take an excursion for two days, then you can spend the night in specially designated places on the territory of Chernobyl. It is an unforgettable adventure that is worth trying. The cost of living is included in the tour price.


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