6 Best Forex Platform and Broker Options for Beginners


The foreign exchange or forex is a global market to buy or sell currency pairs. It is one of the biggest financial markets in the world that allows traders to exchange currencies. There are several forex brokers to pick for a trade. Selecting the best forex broker for the exchange is not simple. Before finalizing, you should review these forex brokers on various factors such as assets, trading platform, fees, etc. As a beginner, you must inspect every aspect and then choose the best forex platform.

6 Best Forex Platform and Broker Options for Beginners


XTB is one of the largest forex brokers and is well known for offering a best-in-class trading experience. They are having good experience of around 2 decades and continuing the improvement and adaptation. These features make XTB the best platform for foreign exchange. This platform allows you to trade over 2100 global markets with a broad asset class having around 4000 instruments. You can easily trade 48 currency pairs including EUR/USD and GBP/USD. As you know trading forex can be stressful. But XTB offers negative balance protection so the losses never exceed the available funds.


IG is a leading forex trading platform that offers various top features. This trading platform is ideal for all kinds of traders whether you are a novice or an expert. IG offers more than 17000 tradable assets to its users. This platform offers you four trading ways in the global market including CFDs, Spread betting, Turbo24s, and Vanilla options. It provides a web platform that is a clear, fast, and smart technique for trading. Using IG on a web platform is very simple with good adjustable smart settings. It also offers apps for mobile devices with full trading functionality. IG has a very simple and clear interface where you can easily inspect all market prices, margins, and other details quickly.


eToro is famous in the cryptocurrency market but also has a good name in forex trading. Most of its features are similar to other top forex brokers. The exclusive feature of this forex broker is copy trading. In this, the user can copy the strategies, portfolios, trades, etc. You can trade over 40 global FX pairs and have access to stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. This platform is simple to use for all-level traders. You can even use the app to trade from mobile devices. eToro can be used from 140 countries and the features and market vary from location to location. The trading CFD is very leveraged and you can trade according to your needs. The interface of eToro is very user-friendly which makes it ideal for new traders who have just got into the currency market.


Oanda or Olsen & Associates is a trading platform that provides various financial services around the globe. The best forex platform Oanda is a trusted global brand and stands out for excellent quality market research. You can also access it using the mobile app which makes it handier. It has a very good trust score which makes it very low-risky. The research tools, news, and market analysis provided by the best forex platform Oanda are very admirable. This forex broker is also awarded for several categories such as best forex trading technologies, best customer service, etc.


This is the UK’s top trading platform and also the largest CFD provider in Europe. It offers varieties of instruments such as forex currency pairs, indices, stocks, ETFs, etc. The interface of Plus500 is very clean and fair; you can easily navigate and inspect all the requirements. You can also access Plus500 on mobile devices. For web platforms, you can access it from IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc. For accessing Plus500, your system must be running on Windows 10 or higher. This broker is on the top list because it offers more currency pairs than other platforms. It also includes some exotic pairs such as GBP/ZAR, EUR/TRY, etc.


Forex.com is also a smart choice for a beginner. In some countries, Forex.com is also used for cryptocurrency. You will get flexible and competitive fees depending on different levels, standards, etc. The transaction speed of Forex.com is very good as most of its trades get executed within a second. If you are not sure about the features; go for a free trial. Forex.com also offers a 30-day free trial to its traders.


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