What Kind of Art is Writing?


When the word art is mentioned, people and other less experienced essay writers immediately think of musicians, sculptors, painters, and drawings. Writing is something that is barely mentioned, but the question that many people ask themselves is should it be considered art?

Academic writing expert Lauren Bradshaw said, “Every single person that writes something considers themselves an artist to some degree. For many people, writing isn’t something that pays the bills, it is a hobby as well, plus the world thinks creative people are very special”. In collaboration with a professional essay writer from CustomWritings.com, this article will look at what kind of art writing is.

It is well known that when people like university or college students and experts talk about the various forms of writing, art is something that doesn’t spring to mind immediately. The only exception to writing which some people might consider art is poetry. Poetry is something that is seen as art because of the wordplay and the creativity that one needs to have to come up with a compelling poem.

Art is defined as the use of skill, creativity, and imagination by a person to create something that is emotionally expressive or beautiful. This definition can be expanded further, but anything that one is good at can be seen as art if there is a creative process and imagination involved.

How can one become an artistic writer?

Writing legal documents for example is seen as art because it requires you or other professional essay writers to think deeply to produce good quality documents. When it comes to law documents, the margins for error are very slim because if any loopholes are found, it can lead to legal trouble or lawsuits in the future. You need to make sure that you get them right more often than not and below are a few tips that can help you become an artistic writer.

1. Generate an atmosphere by using sensory language

The best writers in the world often say that their main goal is to take their readers on a journey, an adventure that they won’t forget. To succeed at doing this, one has to ensure they use the correct words, and using sensory language does help.

Since readers cannot smell, hear sounds and see sights you might be talking about in your paper, you can make them imagine them. This is known as art, using words that will make readers imagine and feel like they can smell the things you are talking about, hear the sounds on your pages and more will go a long way in showing them you are an artist.

2. Use the element of surprise

Sometimes when you are writing something for an audience that has been reading content in a certain subject for years, it is easy for them to predict the outcome. If your work is very easy to predict, it can make readers less engaged, and they will see the pieces you worked hard to put together as boring, which can dent your confidence as a writer.

A writer that is low in confidence loses their creative juices and produces underwhelming work. To stop you from being in this situation, you need to come up with new words and idioms. Don’t just pluck words out of the sky, throw them to the wall, and hope they stick. Choose your words very carefully, find a new and creative way to say even the most ordinary of things.

3. Make the first few sentences count

It is all about creating a good first impression and grabbing the reader’s attention from start to finish. Every artist wants their work to be read from the first page to the last, and you can only achieve this by understanding how important the first few lines are.

If you are not sure about how to go about with your introduction or first few lines, you can hire a reliable essay writing service. They will be able to help you come up with an amazing introduction, or you can gain inspiration from other writers by looking at what they wrote and how they go about it.

4. Use easy to understand words

No one will want to read your work if it isn’t easy to understand or filled with so many mistakes. You have to make it your objective to ensure that you make your work as easy to understand as possible. Refrain from using foreign phrases that many people or your readers are not aware of, as well as any jargon. The only time you should use jargon or foreign phrases is if it is relevant or important to the context of what you’re writing.

5. Write and edit

To produce a wonderful work of art in writing, the key is not to rush and take things slow. When your content is rushed, readers will be able to tell that is the case when they get their hands on your final piece. This will lead to them thinking you are unprofessional and don’t take the art of writing very seriously.

Think of it as a marathon and not a sprint, type at a moderate speed and edit your work with care. If you are struggling to edit your work, you can hire a paper writing service, ask a friend or anyone close to you to look at your work, and see if they can highlight any mistakes you might have made.

6. Avoid lengthy descriptions and be yourself

Professional writing services advise students to always write straight to the point and avoid dragging or longing out your descriptions. If you can say something in 10-15 words, do exactly that and don’t add another 30-45 words on top of it because the quality will be lost.

Always prioritize quality over quantity and be yourself when you are producing writing content. Don’t try and be something you’re not or copy another artist’s style. If you do this you will produce a poor copy of that artist’s work, which is not a good thing. The more original the work you produce is, the better if you want to be taken seriously as an artist.

Final thoughts

Overall paper writing services believe that any form of writing can be considered as art however, the most important thing that needs to be present is creative thinking. Whether you are writing an essay, a book or a blog post, the one skill that will take you places is creative thinking. There is a touch of creative thinking in the way that information is presented in different types of writing formats, hence why it needs to be put in the art category.


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