Why do Farmers Today Need to Take the Help of Technology?


Agriculture is the backbone of a country. The healthier people eat, the stronger the nation gets. It has taken a leap with farming apps. Every new agricultural technology has given pace to a farming app development company to help farmers develop the most innovative farm apps.

The industrial revolution played a major role in the agriculture industry. The agriculture app development services have transformed the industry with new machinery and AI-powered robots since then. More so, the increasing population also demanded the necessary agricultural revolution with time.

Still, the lack of awareness among modern farmers has raised concerns—many private & govt. Institutions and NGOs have been working tirelessly in this direction. However, noteworthy developments are yet to be seen.

Here, the farmers will know about the importance of the digital transformation of farming. Further, It will be clear how the farming app is more of an investment in the long run. Also, what to expect from a farming app development company before approaching for the farming app development.

The Importance of Technology in Agriculture

The use of technology in the agriculture service business can not be limited to production. It covers all areas, including seed selection, land management, yield growth, and trades. Most farmers are unaware of the vast possibilities of farming apps. Thus, they lose many opportunities to grow and thrive.

The most important uses of farming apps are protecting and growing nutritious crops. So, a farming app development company aims to offer creative farm app solutions within budget. Connecting directly with customers, digital presence on various platforms, and automated business management are additional advantages of farming apps.

How Will Technology Help Farmers?

Now, we know that farming apps help tremendously in various ways. However, knowing how deeply it contributes to everyday life is still important. Also, technological advances make it impossible to get a financial shock.

● Soil Monitoring with Land Management

The nutritious value of soil, humidity percentage, and the right amount of fertilizer use come under soil monitoring. However, that’s not all. Preparing the right soil for a particular crop is also part of soil monitoring using agrotech apps. Farmers also keep crop rotation techniques in mind while preparing the land for farming.

One can handle the small farmland manually with a few livestock. However, the challenge arises with large farmlands and huge livestock. Throughout the year, the farming process without farming apps can pose an extreme challenge. Further, farmers lose a large chunk of crops due to the unpredictability of the weather.

Thus, having a farming app with an IoT-based monitoring system can be helpful. Further, various in-app software, such as humidity identifiers, soil nutrition meters, etc., help farmers to use the correct amount.

● Climate-resilient and Yield-enhancing Seeds

The biotechnology branch of science has helped the agriculture service industry immensely. Genetically modified seeds are the perfect example. These seeds can sustain and thrive even in the harshest environment.

The rising sea level has caused saltwater intrusion on the land and groundwater resources. Further, the weather is unpredictable, with the climate crisis rising to alarming levels. Hence, it was apparent to develop solutions that benefit mankind in the long term. These seeds provide the required nutrition and sustain the most severe climate changes. Hence, farmers can still have significant yield growth and maintain their livelihood.

Many government policies and schemes are helping farmers to know and make use of such seeds. Most farming apps contain informative sections for blogs and govt. policies & schemes to spread awareness.

● Livestock Farming Technology

Cows, sheep, oxen, fish, hens, and more are a major part of global livestock. New agricultural technology like drones and robots help farmers to keep an eye on their livestock. Much advanced in-app software in the farmers’ app assists in a deep analysis of animal health to increase production.

Milk, cow dung for manure, the right quantity of animal bait, and many more things can be analyzed using farming apps. The animals get the right nutrition and provide the best food to farmers. Further, drones and robots keep an eye on grazing fields. They also lead them to their destination back if they go stray.

The drone camera sends the live recording in the in-app software, and farmers receive the updates in real time. In case of an animal attack, farmers can reach to help in time. Livestock surveillance facility is an important software integration in the farming app offered by almost every farming app development company.

● Revolution with AI and ML/ Precision Farming

In the precision farming method, AI and ML tools play a significant role in many ways. Replacing laborers with robots, better crop management, reducing costs, and analyzing big data using IoT are a few advantages of AI and ML. AI eases farm work with soil health data insights, fertilizers, and pesticide recommendations in a particular part of farmland.

Further, many urban cities use AI technologies in vertical farming, better harvesting with modified seeds, and generating high profits with minimum investment. Farmers, these days, need to learn to use AI and ML software effectively for their farm business. Nowadays, almost every farming app development company offers AI/ML technology integration in their farming app.

● Modernization with Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is not a new concept nowadays. These days it has more popularity than it had over a decade ago. Traceability is what makes it useful in farming. Blockchain technology gives rights to every participant in the chain instead of one administration or entity.

Thus, it keeps the information about plants, seeds, previous records, sources, and many more things safe. The top priority of using blockchain technology in agriculture app services is ensuring food safety and security. Almost every farming app development company strives to integrate blockchain technology into the farming app.

● Easy Access to Farm Business

The agrotech app is useful for handling the in-app shop, communicating with agriculture experts, and keeping tabs on market trends, apart from managing the farmland. Farmers can easily sell their crops in the local market. The in-app features can help them identify the real value of their yields.

Hence, farmers can market their yields at the right price. Seek experts’ advice which is open 24/7. It also helps them to sell vegetables, millet, fruits, milk, eggs, meat, and seeds online to the customers directly. It eliminates the need to have third-party interference.

● Better Customer Relationship Management

Since farmers can sell their farming products directly to customers, it is easy to know customers’ choices, habits, likes, and dislikes. Customers can resolve their queries with farmers online. It is also easy for farmers to market their farm products using various marketing techniques in less time. Hence, it builds strong customer relationships for the long term.


Now, you know the importance of technology in agriculture app development services. Once you know the right technology in your farming app, you can easily incorporate it with the help of your farming app development company. Many farming app development companies offer agriculture services beneficial for farmers and customers in their white-label farming apps. These technologies are cost-effective, long-lasting, and easy to use. Hence, with the fast-changing world, the new innovative technology in the agriculture industry only increases the ease for everyone, not just farmers.


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