Important Things to Consult with Your Invisalign Dentist Before the Treatment


Invisalign is a reliable and easy way to straighten the teeth and make your smile more beautiful. In fact, dentists all over the world opine that it is one of the best ways to achieve your dream smile. people who choose this cutting-edge tooth straightening technology require to wear the aligner trays for at least 20 to 22 hours a day throughout the treatment phase. The aligner trays or orthodontic appliances are custom-made from high grade, clear transparent plastic. The appliances cover all of the exposed part of your teeth right up to the edge of the gums.

However, any orthodontic treatment raises the chance of developing cavities in the teeth as well as gum disease. Invisalign is no exception although the risk is much lower compared to that of traditional metal braces. The reason is simple; unlike the traditional braces that are fixed to your teeth at the beginning of the treatment, Invisalign aligner trays are easily removable. Thus, you can take the clear plastic aligners out of your teeth to maintain your normal oral hygiene regimen and keep your teeth and the gums strong and healthy throughout the span of your treatment.

The naturally secreting saliva is an excellent agent to keep our mouth free from harmful bacteria and other microbes that cause diseases. But when you switch on to braces – including those removable ones made from clear transparent plastic – saliva gets prevented from reaching your teeth and the gums. Thus, your mouth becomes prone to harmful bacteria build-up.

Skilled and experienced dentists associated with the famous oral health practice Chatfield Dental Braces in London point out that, orthodontic aligners even increase the chances of developing TMJ problem in a section of the patients. Because of the thickness of the clear plastic aligners there is a slight change in the way your teeth bite together as you shift to braces. Usually, this change or alteration in the bite does not affect the joints for most of the patients. But patients who are in the risk bracket of developing TMJ dysfunction are always likely to develop problems in the joints due to the thin plastic of the aligner trays.

Therefore, the question that is relevant is how can you keep your overall mouth including the teeth, gums and the jaw joints healthy during the days you undergo teeth straightening treatment using Invisalign? Here are few tried and tested tips to save you from guessing.

Practice great oral hygiene

Maintaining a sound oral hygiene regimen at home on daily basis is ever important. And when you are on an Invisalign journey it becomes even more important. Why? The reason we have already discussed above. When you are on orthodontic braces your teeth and the gums are kind of deprived of the protective effect of the saliva throughout the day. The aligner trays act as barrier to keep the saliva away from the teeth and the gums. Thus, fighting the harmful bacteria in the mouth becomes difficult for the teeth and the gums. As a result, you suffer cavities in the teeth and gum disease.

In order to negate the elevated risk of developing tooth cavities and gum disease it is important maintaining great oral hygiene throughout your Invisalign treatment phase. Your daily regimen must include the following –

  • Properly brushing of the teeth twice daily
  • Make sure you are using a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • While brushing the bristles mildly graze the gum line
  • Apply gentle pressure of the hand while brushing
  • Always move the brush in small circular motion

If you follow these tips your brushing is bound to be more effective in removing plaque build-ups and keeping your teeth and the gums healthy and free from diseases.

Flossing is also crucial during those days to maintain optimum oral hygiene. Aligners are known to trap food particles. Flossing is the best way to dislodge food particles stuck between the teeth. If this debris is not removed, they lead to formation of harmful plaques and bacteria. Just like proper brushing, proper flossing of the teeth is also important.

Importance of scheduled visits to the dentist

In Invisalign procedure usually patients have to visit their respective dentists every four to six weeks. These scheduled visits are important. During these visits your dentist evaluates your treatment progress although these are not exactly full dental check-ups. As you are on your Invisalign journey it is important to get the teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist at regular intervals. During all these scheduled evaluation visits and professional teeth cleanings your dentist will not only monitor the movement of your teeth but also much more. The oral health practitioner will also check for early symptoms related to your overall dental health. In case any symptom is noted the expert will recommend you necessary treatment while your treatment continues.

Never drink anything other than plain water wearing your aligners

The teeth usually get used to plastic aligners much quicker than metal braces. On the other hand, people usually forget that they are wearing aligners on their teeth. Thus, you may accidentally sip in a drink with the aligners on. The colour of the drink may easily get pass on to the aligners. In that case the clear plastic aligners no more remain discreet in your mouth. So you may feel embarrassed. Moreover, no sugary or acidic drinks will harm the teeth triggering decay and gum disease. Because of the presence of the aligner trays on the teeth your saliva can no more wash away the negative impacts of these drinks to keep your teeth and the gums safe from diseases.

Rinse the mouth well with water every time before placing the aligners back

Ideally it is important to wash away all the food debris and food debris from the mouth before wearing back the aligner trays. But brushing and flossing every time after a meal is not practically feasible. As an easy way out remember to rinse the mouth well with water every time before wearing the aligner trays back.

Before you invest on your Invisalign treatment it is important to clear out all your doubts and queries with an Invisalign expert dentist. As a matter of fact, the Chatfield Dental Braces is one of the most trusted destinations to consult with invisalign dentist in London. We have highly trained and experienced dentists in our team to sort out all your queries.


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