Three Things You Can Expect If You Pursue a Car Accident Claim in Conyers


If you have been harmed in a car accident, you naturally want to focus on recovering from the injuries you sustained. Also, you may be worried about your finances if you cannot return to work soon because of your injuries and how you may move on after the dust has settled. Some people may not contact a Conyers car accident lawyer immediately because they are worried about the cost or since they are still hospitalized.

Three Things You Can Expect If You Pursue a Car Accident Claim in Conyers

However, contacting an attorney as soon as possible will increase your chances of getting monetary compensation for your injuries. Keep in mind that having money available can minimize financial stress. Allowing an attorney to work on your case as early as possible will make it possible for you to get financial relief soon. If you are considering filing a car accident claim, here’s what you can expect from the process:

Validating the Claim

For your accident claim to be valid, an accident should have truly taken place. Following a crash, you may see a doctor immediately depending on how serious your injuries are. If you sustained mild injuries, you must take your time to investigate the crash scene on your own. This includes taking photographs of your injuries, vehicle, the vehicle of the other driver involved, and the location of the accident. Also, you must collect the contact information of anyone who witnesses the crash. Lastly, call law enforcement, so a police report can be made.

Getting Treatment

No matter how fine you may feel after a car accident, you must get yourself checked by a doctor. Delay in treatment may seem suspicious to the insurance company of the driver who caused the accident. When you see a doctor, tell them about your injuries, so they can note them in your medical records. Ensure you follow the treatment plan your doctor recommends and get follow-up care as needed.

Hiring a Lawyer

An experienced accident attorney can ensure you receive the compensation you deserve for the injuries you suffered. They will communicate with the insurance companies involved and negotiate a fair settlement. Also, they can give you legal representation when your claim does not get settled without court intervention. When picking a lawyer, go for one who has experience with cases such as yours and has a proven track record of getting high settlements or winning car accident cases. Once you decide to pursue compensation, your attorney will walk you through the process of filing a claim, help you prepare all the necessary paperwork, and file the claim for you.


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