When Should You See Hormonal Acne Consultant


A lot of us use the drugstore for products to treat breakouts that are a good first step to take. However, not all pimples are the same, and hormonal acne consultants can provide individualized treatment and advice solutions for those suffering from acne. Not sure if that bump on the skin road to care warrants an appointment with a dermatologist? If you can answer yes to each of these three questions could be the most reliable indication that it’s time to visit a dermatologist like Healthy Remedies.

When Should You See Hormonal Acne Consultant

Are creams and gels and cleanser products have stopped working?

Moderate to mild acne is usually gone within four to six months using drugstore creams, gels, or cleansers that include salicylic acid or benzoyl Peroxide. However, persistent more severe forms of acne could require the assistance of dermatologists.

Doctors may prescribe potent topical retinoids that can unblock pores and control the appearance of oily skin. Oral treatments like antibiotics and birth control and isotretinoin are also prescribed to treat deeper acne spots as well as hormonal breakouts.

Another aspect to think about when considering switching from over-the counter to Rx Some people suffer from breakouts because they are having the wrong prescription drugs at all,

As a general rule, if you have skin that is oily, cleanse your face two times a every day using an acid cleanser salicylic. If your skin is dry, apply an easy foaming cleanser. A tip to make sure you let the cleanser rest for at least a minute to ensure that the active ingredients penetrate the epidermis of your skin before washing off. Then, you can try eliminating pimples by using a benzoyl peroxide treatment cream. If you do not see improvement after six weeks, make an appointment with your dermatologist.

Are acne-related breakouts having a negative effect on confidence in yourself?

Acne is a problem that affects 15% of teenagers and 25% of adult males as well as 50% of women suffer from acne at least once in their adult lives.

For adults and teens alike, the frequent skin problem can be a struggle to deal with, resulting in depression and anxiety regardless of how old they are. Acne sufferers face mental, social and emotional issues similar to those suffering from chronic health issues such as epilepsy, arthritis, diabetes, and more.

The consequences of acne that go untreated can be more than just the surface. If you’re unable to attend outings and events with acquaintances, or if you notice that breakouts make you feel uncomfortable, you need to consult an expert dermatologist who will help remove your acne in a hurry and give you strategies to treat pimples in a safe and healthy manner.

Do the pimples cause irritation or do they result in scars?

Acne, that is cystic or inflamed acne that occurs by the follicle’s wall being broken and nodules that are painful, swellings under the skin that are among the most difficult forms of acne to treat particularly without the assistance of dermatologists.

Beware of the desire to pop or scratch cystic acne or nodules since this could cause grave scarring or even irreparable skin damages. To decrease inflammation and accelerate healing time, your dermatologist can inject a corticosteroid in the area of lesions. The doctor will recommend a plan suitable for your type of skin as well as the extent of your acne and the progress of scarring.


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