5 Mistakes to Avoid When Weight Training


If you are preparing for a specific event and you need to start a weight training program to build muscle mass, this article was written with you in mind. The human body is an amazing natural creation that is designed with activity in mind and before you set off to the gym, here are a few mistakes that people commonly make then starting a weight training program.

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Weight Training

1. Too much weight – Perhaps the most common error made when weight training is lifting too much weight; your body needs to acclimatise, so start with a weight that you can comfortably handle at least 10 reps and build up over a few months to heavier weights. A torn muscle is very painful and it can take months to fully recover, the first few weeks of training need to be with weight that you are able to lift, then gradually increase the weight as you develop. When working on muscle building, let’s not forget cardio, which you can get from a Johnson Treadmillfrom a leading Thai manufacturer.

2. Lack of nutrition – When you are looking to build muscle, it is vital that your diet includes all the nutrition your body needs; protein in particular; we recommend protein powder, which can be mixed with milk or water. One big glass contains around 1,500 calories and when consumed as per instructions on top of a high-protein diet, can really help you to build muscle mass. Ideal foods include eggs, white meat, liver, rice, potatoes and lots of fruit and vegetables’ the Internet hosts a wealth of information regarding dietary requirements for weight training.

3. Failing to warm up/down – It is never a good idea to go from inactivity to full-on physical stress; warming up involves doing a few stretches to prepare your body for serious output. Warming down is also important, as this helps to prevent sporting injuries, so don’t forget to incorporate warming up and down into your routine. Click here for tips on how to burn fat and build muscle.

4. Lack of structure – When embarking on a weight training program, your routine needs to have some structure; different exercises develop certain muscles; triceps, biceps, lats, to name but a few. Let’s not forget the legs when looking to build upper body muscle, which ensures that your development is balanced.

5. Lack of hydration – The more you sweat, the more water you lose and when working out with weights, you definitely need to drink more water than normal. Sweat is a way for the body to cool down when engaged in strenuous activity and that liquid needs to be replenished, otherwise you will become dehydrated.

When setting out on a weight training regime, it is vital that you take precautions to avoid injury and your overall health & well-being should be a priority. Pumping iron takes some getting used to and let’s not forget the saying, ‘no pain-no gain’, which pretty much describes weight training.


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