Smooth Parking Ahead: the Benefits of Access Control Systems for Car Parks


A car park access control system is used to manage the entry and exit of vehicles in a parking space, collecting appropriate parking fees and prohibiting unauthorized users. As the number of cars worldwide continues to grow, with an estimated 2 billion by 2030, parking space availability is dwindling to reduce environmental damage. This makes it more essential for these systems to be in place to deal with the vehicle parking services in perth.

Smooth Parking Ahead: the Benefits of Access Control Systems for Car Parks

Do cars have their own dedicated parking space?

In a nutshell, securing a spot for an intelligent car parking system can be a significant struggle, whether in a mall or a business center. When it is hard to locate a parking space, many people will take any available spot, even if they are not allowed to park there.

Access control systems must be implemented to ensure that only the designated personnel can use the parking spaces owned by an office. These systems will prevent unauthorized people from entering the car parking area, thus ensuring that the employees will have a place for car parking when they come to work. With the help of access control systems, companies can ensure that their employees can access their car parks with ease and convenience.

Kinds of access control system

You may have encountered different kinds of parking systems in buildings:

  1. Keypads resemble the dial pads on the phone and require the user to enter a PIN to access the building or car park.
  2. Proximity cards are typically plastic cards with a magnetic strip that can be swiped through a card reader at the entrance of a barricaded area. Upon scanning, the gate or barricade is opened or closed.
  3. RFID tags are an advanced access control system frequently used in ID cards and retail store packaging. These tags have a long-range capability and can set off sensors or barriers when a car is at a certain distance, allowing the driver to pass without pausing for authentication or waiting for the gate to open.
  4. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a type of Optical Character Reading (OCR) technology that can be used to read and identify a vehicle’s registration number and then compare it to a database of authorized parking permits for entry. As the number of cars, parking spaces, and users grows, the admins and facilities team will be under immense pressure to maintain the parking space system.

    To reduce the load on personnel, it is essential that the automatic car parking system has some level of automation in place so that simple and repetitive tasks can be handled automatically.

  5. Connected cars are enabled by Internet of Things (IoT) technology that allows them to communicate with the cloud and exchange data. This means they have a more excellent range and longer battery life than traditional cars. Furthermore, no additional cards, tags, or keypad entry is needed to enter the parking for car facility; it is only necessary to register the car in the building’s parking system once.

Benefits of Access Control System

Installing adequate car park management ensures an access control system on your property’s grounds will provide multiple advantages. A few of these are enumerated below:

1. Stops unauthorized parking

Illegal parking, or parking in spaces designated for exclusive use, is a common occurrence in cities worldwide. This is particularly true in the UK, which was recently proclaimed the “worst place to park in the world” in an interview by The Guardian. A car access control system guarantees that only authorized vehicles can utilize the parking space of a building. This is accomplished by utilizing tokens, swipe cards, and motion sensors, ensuring every vehicle can enter with the proper permit.

2. Automated parking systems

The facilities and administrative staff allocate parking spots to each resident or employee. It may seem like a simple assignment, but it can become daunting with a changing population of cars and a limited number of parking spaces. Determining how much parking will be needed when a workplace provides hybrid work options can be challenging, as the number of commuters using cars is hard to predict.

Smart car parking system can offer a solution by automating the entire process. This would let the admins and drivers know how many spaces are left in real time, making planning easier. Additionally, the system can use the data to determine when parking demand is highest – such as particular times of the day or certain days of the week – and plan ahead to ensure enough parking spaces are available.

3. Increased security measures for parking areas

The protection of a business should be the top priority for any owner. Allowing unrestricted access to the premises is not a viable solution. Hiring a team of security guards constantly to monitor entry and exit points is impractical. The best way to ensure security is by implementing a car park access system that works in conjunction with gates, barricades, or barriers. This system uses parking sensors and RFID tags to automate the process and only permits vehicles that have the necessary clearance or permit to enter and exit the building.

4. Record of parking space usage over time

The lack of visibility into parking space utilization is a downside of manual car park systems. With past data, gaining insight into past trends or anticipating future demands for car parking spaces is possible. An automated car park access system can help to address this issue. It can provide precise data on the times and dates when car park utilization was at its highest or lowest. With such data-driven insights, it is easier to anticipate the near-future requirement for parking space.

5. Revised- Decreased carbon emissions

Road transport is responsible for 16% of all man-made CO2 emissions. Cars often search for parking spots, resulting in unnecessary emissions. By utilizing a car park access system, drivers can easily find parking spots in a much shorter time, thus reducing the number of carbon emissions released. This can help maintain the vehicle’s health and contribute to a more sustainable planet.


An ideal car parking system should be able to integrate with the other applications your business is using effortlessly. It should become part of a complete office setup that combines data from multiple applications to gain a comprehensive overview.

Additionally, the integration should enable users to manage their parking from one interface instead of switching between screens or apps. You can streamline the employee parking management system by digitizing access control and incorporating all necessary parking management systems.


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