What To Do Soon After an Accident?


Philadelphia, or Philly, is the sixth-largest city in the US. It is a densely populated city in the state of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is known for its culture, history, diversity, cuisine, and entertainment. More than three million people work in technology, financial services, energy, and life sciences. So, accidents are a common sight in this city.

What To Do Soon After an Accident

If you are a victim of such an unfortunate event, it is advisable to contact a personal injury lawyer Philadelphia immediately. A personal injury lawyer will assist in claiming proper compensation for both your injuries and the damage to your vehicle.

Here are things you can do to deal with an accident in Philadelphia:

Call For Immediate Medical Help

A serious accident can leave you helpless both physically and mentally. The first thing you must do is to seek immediate treatment for your injuries. Sometimes, you might have internal injuries, and you will not be considering a doctor’s help. But, visiting an urgent care facility nearby can help you get checked thoroughly and obtain a fitness certificate.

Also, if you plan to file an insurance claim, it is advisable to maintain the medical records and show vital evidence of the extent of the injury. A personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia will guide you to fight your case in court and get your money.

Report to the Local Police Force

Immediately after an accident, you must contact the police force. The Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) is the primary law enforcement agency responsible for serving Philadelphia County. The police will conduct a preliminary investigation of the accident. And will interview the parties and witnesses present at the location. Hence, the PPD will help to make an initial determination of who is responsible for the accident.

Gather Evidence to File a Lawsuit

According to a news report, Philly is ranked fifth in the world and second in the US for cities with the most traffic congestion. Hence, car accidents are an everyday affair here. Evidence for such accidents is essential for both your lawyer and doctor. They can help to discuss details about the damage with the insurance company.

Some common types of evidence you may need are photographs, medical records, police reports, CCTV camera footage, lab test results, videos, witness reports, besides contact details.

Contact A Personal Injury Attorney

As daylight saving time is soon going to end in Philadelphia, accidents on the road can increase due to night driving on congested roads. A reputed personal injury lawyer can help you collect facts and figures that support your case for claiming money compensation. They bridge your insurance company and the defendant’s lawyer. They have the best experience to deal with such issues and know how to get maximum compensation from stubborn insurance firms. An attorney can also help you claim loss of wages from your workplace.

So, if you have met with a severe accident like spinal cord injuries, you may need extensive treatment with physiotherapy. It is advised to follow your doctor’s recommendation and treatment process to recover entirely faster. You must give yourself and your loved ones the right amount of time to start rebuilding your life by overcoming mental or physical distress.


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