What Does it Take to Coach High School Football?


This is a question many fathers ponder, as their playing days come to an end, yet they still have that passion for the greatest sport of them all and what better way to keep engaged than getting into football coaching. So, you are serious in your desire to coach high school kids and in this short piece, we offer essential information to help turn your dream into reality.

What Does it Take to Coach High School Football

Bachelor Degree

Most states require a Bachelor degree, preferably in a sport-related discipline; in the event you don’t have any academic qualifications, a school can change that’ a 2-year course should lead to that much-needed diploma, then you can apply directly to your state government.


Of course, you are going to need time if you are going to turn a bunch of teenagers into a functional football team; this is ideal for a semi-retired guy who had his weekends free. Early evenings are practice time for the students, right after the last class at school, so you need to be free for this (3-5 times a week).

Coaching Skills

The only place you need to visit is www.flagfootballwithcoachd.com, where you can buy a complete football coaching package with printable drills and over 200 plays. Of course, it is hands-on experience that will turn you into a good coach, but you do need the basics and a one-off online purchase sets you up with the coaching essentials.

Earning That Respect

Take yourself back to when you first played football in Middle School; how did you feel the first time you saw the coach? Of course, you were a little fearful and how the coach behaves will determine how you feel about him. Simply put, respect must be earned; you are being judged from day one, when on the field be firm but fair and you have to be prepared to do those grueling runs – players like coaches that lead from the front.

Don’t Try to Be Super-Human

When you make a mistake, it is important to acknowledge that, let your squad see that you are human and model the concept of always becoming a better you and that will rub off on your players. Fostering good morale and a strong team spirit is only one of your goals; you need to spend time with all players on a one-to-one basis and forge a positive relationship with each. If football isn’t for you, here are a few reasons to take up golf.

Creating a Strong Team Spirit

If you were once a football player, you’ll already know the value of a good team morale; first you have to create a feeling that you are all a team with set goals; there are lots of free resources online to help with team-building activities and techniques. Preparation is an important part of good coaching; know what you are going to do and why. The NFL is always ready to accept coaches with talent

There you have it, all you need to know about getting into football coaching and who knows? Maybe this is the start of a long and rewarding career in pro football.


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