4 Reasons to Take Up Golf


The concept of knocking a small ball with a stick for a few hundred yards and tapping it tiny a small hole might sound strange, but golf is a very addictive pastime. We all know at least one golfer, as many try to emulate Tiger Woods, or simply beat the course, which is a tough thing to do over 18 holes. If you are healthy, here are a few reasons to start hitting a few balls at your local driving range.

4 Reasons to Take Up Golf

1. The perfect exercise – Playing 18 holes involves traversing 5-7km of beautiful, well-managed countryside, which takes 2-3 hours, or less with 2-seater golf carts, which can be found at a leading Thai supplier. This cuts down the time it takes to reach your ball and if you only play with one partner, a 2-seater golf cart is really all you need and even with a cart, you will still feel that you have had a good all-round work out when you play a round of golf.

2. Healthy outdoors – If you don’t spend much time in the great outdoors, golf will change all that and once smitten, you’ll be on the course at every opportunity. Early morning rounds are popular as you get to witness the wildlife waking up and the well-manicured course always looks its best. Your appetite will increase when you take up golf and you will no longer wonder what to do when you have a few hours of free time, rather you will head straight for your local golf club. If you are having trouble sleeping, here are a few tips to diagnose the cause.

3. The challenge – When you play golf, you are pitting yourself against the course; 18 challenging holes complete with sand traps, water obstacles and uneven terrain conspire to make sure you don’t finish with a good score. When a person starts to play, development is rapid, at least until you reach the intermediate stage (12-16 handicap) and from then on it is a struggle to reduce your handicap further. While most play with others in a group, you are playing against the course itself and to card a good score demands consistency over the entire 18 holes.

4. Sheer pleasure – People either love or hate golf and the majority quickly become smitten with the game and the first time you hit a 200+ yard drive, you will be hooked! The feeling you get when a 30-foot putt drops firmly in the centre of the hole for a birdie is one that is hard to describe and golf is a game-changer for many. If you can get an 8-year-old to take up golf, they might one day end up as a professional; that’s the age many of the famous golfers began and while your son or daughter might not make the superstar grade, a golf pro makes a reasonable living from teaching others how to improve their game.

Playing golf is very healthy and is fast becoming one of the popular ways to spend your downtime. The Thai government does a lot to promote sports including golf and there are some stunning golf courses in the Royal Kingdom of Thailand, designed by famous golfers like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus.


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