What Does a Marketing Campaign Manager Do?


Did you know that, on average, a marketing campaign manager’s salary is $75,191 per year? Marketing campaign managers are critical to running a successful business.
They meet deadlines, help customers, and put a plan in place. Are you interested in marketing careers but don’t know much about them? Keep reading to learn all about marketing campaign manager job responsibilities!

What Does a Marketing Campaign Manager Do

What Is a Marketing Campaign?

To understand what a marketing campaign manager does, you first need to know what a marketing campaign is. A marketing campaign is how a business decides to promote its products. This is often done using television ads, social media, or print.

Here are some common types of marketing campaigns:

  • Email marketing campaign
  • Social media campaign
  • Content marketing campaign

While promoting a product is the main goal, there may be other goals associated with a marketing campaign. A company may try to build its brand, reduce the impact of negative reviews, introduce new ideas, or generate contractor leads.

What Is a Marketing Campaign Manager?

A marketing campaign manager oversees the marketing campaign. They make sure that everything runs smoothly. They are responsible for executing the plan to reach the business’s goal.

They work with other parts of the business to help their success. Marketing campaign managers need insight from sales, finance, planning, human resources, and production.

In addition to working with others inside their own company, they also work with external agents contractors to complete tasks and report on the campaign.

If the marketing campaign manager is in charge of a large campaign, they will be responsible for managing other people in the marketing field.

How to Become a Marketing Campaign Manager

Most marketing campaign managers have their bachelor’s degree and some have their masters. If you want to become a marketing campaign manager, you should study marketing, communications, or business.

Marketing campaign managers work in the marketing field before reaching their current position.

To start, try to find a marketing internship and then work up the career ladder. Many marketing campaign managers have jobs in sales, advertising, and as a marketing manager before becoming a marketing campaign manager.

If you want to become a marketing campaign manager, you will have to start in an entry-level marketing position to gain skills.

Here are some common skills that recruiters look for in a marketing campaign manager:

  • Email campaigns
  • Project management
  • Leverage
  • Campaign management

These skills will ensure that you are a successful marketing campaign manager. It is important to have good organization, be creative, and have knowledge of the marketing industry.

Do You Want to Be a Marketing Campaign Manager?

A marketing campaign manager career could be the perfect career for you if you enjoy marketing. Marketing careers are rewarding, have a high salary, and come with plenty of amazing benefits.

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