9 Things to be Aware of Before Making the Bangalore Trip


The city of Bangalore s the capital of the beautiful state of Karnataka, located in South India. Since the last two decades, this city has undergone significant transformation. From a small pensioners’ town, it has become the leading start-up and IT hub. It has also earned the nickname of ‘Silicon City of India’. It has managed to attract the young and the old alike from all walks from life and from different parts of the country. There are lots of things to do and indulge in this city and its surroundings. Proper planning in advance can help you to ensure checking out on all the important locations. The bangalore leela palace wedding hall cost is quite reasonable that many families consider arranging their son/daughter’s marriage there.

9 Things to be Aware of Before Making the Bangalore Trip

Things to know to enjoy the trip

• Amazing blend of modernity and old world charm: The present population of the city leans more towards youngsters, especially those who are college-goers and fresh job seekers. There are plenty of job and start-up opportunities here that compel everyone to come here to try their luck. Hence, this city has a youthful, discernible vibe as well as the welcoming old world charm. Visiting the different place will allow you to check out the historic Neo-Dravidian and Indo-Saracenic architectural styles. Also can be noticed glass covered skyscrapers. You may even visit those popular historic places such as Bangalore Palace and Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan along with the Vidhana Soudha. There are also modern buildings like World Trade Center and UB city. Locals here are very friendly, cooperative and a mixture of both South and North Indians, thus making the place quite interesting. As you meet any local, they are likely to pose you a common question ‘Oota Aita’, meaning ‘eaten food’!

• Unpredictable Weather: The weather that prevails throughout the year in Bangalore is quite pleasant and inviting. However, within hours, the beautiful sunshine may be covered with clouds leading to heavy rain showers. Even permanent residents fail to predict the weather ahead. Hence, you will require carrying along a raincoat or at least an umbrella. Moreover, a light jacket will do a lot of good, since after sunset or rain stops, the weather becomes a bit cold.

• Breakfast at Darshini’s: Darshini is considered to be a popular place to have delicious breakfast or the first meal in the day. Several eateries are present having pay first and eat later concept. They specialize in authentic, traditional South Indian breakfast edibles like vada, dosa, idli, etc. You can also enjoy filter coffee here. Darshini’s must visit place include the legendary Maiyas, MTR and Vidyarthi Bhavan.

• Coffee and Cafe shops: You can find them in plenty at almost every corner of the city. Bangaloreans just love to have coffee throughout the day and cannot think life without it. These shops also serve as a fabulous meeting place for working professionals, friends and reading getaways. Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) and the age old Indian Coffee House that dates to 1950s has made this city India’s coffee capital. Several specialty and independent coffee shops are present here. It includes Matteo Coffea, Dyu Art Cafe, 3rd Wave Coffee Roasters, Flying Squirrel, etc.

• Variety of food items: This city is popular for its traditional South Indian Cuisine. However, several restaurants have come up that offer cuisines not only from South or North India, but also from all over the world. Thus, you can get to taste a wider range of food items throughout your stay. A few popular dining establishments here include Shiro (dim sum), Rim Naam (Thai), Chianti Restaurant (Italian), Karavalli (seafood), Tandoor Restaurant (North Indian food), etc. The list is rather endless. You should also try out the local beloved food at Oota Bangalore, Shree Nagar (CTR) and Mavalli Tiffin Rooms.

• Love for Art: If you are an art lover, then Bangalore city is sure to be an interesting place to visit. You can come across street art, geometric paintings, murals, etc. in various forms on the exterior and sides of buildings, walls and metro stations. Generally, artwork is based upon a theme like woman empowerment, quirks involving daily life, local and social problems. Street art of particular interest can be noticed at 6th/7th Cross Malleshwaram, M.G. Road and Koramangala. There are lots of art galleries spread across the city. The prominent ones include National Modern Art Gallery, Crimson Art Gallery, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, Gallery SKE, etc.

• Craft beer: Just like coffee, beer is taken seriously here. Their growing appetite and love for this beverage is what has helped in the launch of several microbreweries and brewpubs counting to about hundreds! It is for this reason, this tech city also has been referred to as India’s pub capital. You can find eclectic mixture of old styled cocktail bars, urban breweries and quirky pubs here. Tourists and locals hang out at such places to have their beer. Some wonderful options here are Skyye, Toit, Pecos, Biere Club, etc.

• Notorious traffic conditions: It is no surprise that a good number of population own 2 and 4 wheelers here. During rush hour, traffic is at its peak and at times, life comes to a standstill. Reaching from one end to the other end of the city can be a painful task. Scooty or bike can be a better option to navigate through the peak Bangalore traffic. Another option to avail is the Metro train. However, it covers only a particular part of the city, but can help you reach your destination fast. Other alternatives offered are auto rickshaws and public buses. You can also avail Ola and Uber cabs to move around the city. It is better to avoid travelling outside during weekdays between 7.30am and 10am as well as 5 and 8pm.

• Temples: You can get to see temple just about everywhere. Some of them range several centuries old and are considered to be religious sanctuaries and beautiful architectural pieces. You should visit Nandi Temple (Dodda Basavana Gudi), ISKCON temple, Dharmaraya Swamy Temple and much more.

Proper planning will ensure you do not miss out on the important places and enjoy your trip completely, be it alone or with a group!


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