What Are the Benefits that Are Associated With Becoming a Barber?


Are you looking to get into a profession that’s as old as the hills, but still in high demand? A profession that allows you to express your creativity and opens up opportunities to travel the world. Becoming a barber could be a great career to consider!

What Are the Benefits that Are Associated With Becoming a Barber

In the US, barbers are in high demand. The government predicts a 19% growth in the industry over the next ten years. That’s much higher than most other industries?

Have we piqued your curiosity? Read on to find out about all the cool benefits of becoming a barber.

A Creative Occupation

Becoming a barber gives you a fantastic chance to express your creativity.

Time was when men’s hairstyling was pretty simple. Short back and sides, side parting, and most men were good to go. Those days are long gone.

Now men’s hairstyling can be every bit as creative and expressive as women’s. You can become a true artist as you help your clients to achieve their stylistic goals. You need to stay up to date with the latest trends to deliver what your customers are looking for.

A new avenue that’s taking off is hair sculpting. With this skill, you can create styles that were never possible before.

Also, modern barbering takes you into many skills formerly associated with women’s hairstyling. For example, a hot new trend for Gen Z guys is hair bleaching.

Barbers are also educators. It’s not enough that the style looks great when they walk out of the barbers. You need to teach them how to achieve that look every day.

Develop strong communication skills, and a rapport with your clients, and you’ll have them lining up around the block.

Flexible Schedule

Being a barber is usually not a 9-5 job.

You need to be available when people are free. That means that you can get quite creative with your schedule. Depending on the business you work for, you may be able to choose your own days.

If you like the idea of being a freelancer, some barbershops allow you to hire a chair for the day. This gives you lots of flexibility, and even allows you to move around and explore new areas. Oh, and make money at the same time.

As you develop a strong reputation, clients will only want to see you. They will often be prepared to work around your schedule because they know that they’ll get what they’re looking for.

In Demand Everywhere

People need barbers the country – and the world – over. That means that becoming a barber opens up lots of opportunities both at home and overseas.

Another great advantage of a barber career is that you don’t need a lot of bulky tools. If you train as a carpenter, you need a wide range of power and regular tools. You probably need to have a vehicle to tote them in.

As a barber, you just need your scissors, maybe some clippers, and a hairdryer. Some barbershops may supply these items anyway. This gives you a lot of flexibility – you can up sticks and explore new opportunities very easily.

Many industries, particularly in the media field, also need the services of barbers. Film sets, TV programs, theatres – there are opportunities to be had in many industries.

Earn a Good Living

As with all professions, a barber’s pay fluctuates depending on a few factors. Two of the most important are your skill level and where you work. You also need to factor in whether you run your own small business or work for someone else.

The median hourly wage for barbers in 2020 was $15.61. But this varies a lot depending on which part of the country you work in.

Also, the more skilled you become, the more you will earn. Your reputation will flourish, and so will your earnings.

Chance to Open a Barbershop

How does the idea of running your own business sound to you?

After gaining some experience, many barbers decide to open a new barbershop. And this can be a great way to become a small business owner while continuing to do something you love!

There will always be a demand for barbers. Almost every man needs to get his hair cut, usually around once a month. That’s a lot of business wherever you go.

Establish a good reputation, and you’ll have one in the chair and one waiting at all times. And that’s everything a barber needs for a successful business.

Widen Your Skillset

If you like the idea of becoming a barber, but don’t just want to style hair, what can you do?

A cosmetology career could be right for you! A cosmetologist does cut and style hair, but they do much more. They also provide skincare treatments, nail care, and other beauty treatments.

These days, more and more men are passionate about their appearance. They have their own skincare regimen and appreciate regular facials. Manicures and pedicures for men are also more popular than ever.

Pursuing a cosmetology career could open more doors for you. It can also lead to a much more varied workday, and the chance to perfect a wider range of skills.

Bright Job Outlook

If you’re just starting out, or thinking of retraining, you want to choose a growth industry.

As mentioned at the outset, the outlook is very good. The predicted growth rate of 19% over the next decade is phenomenal compared with most other industries. If you’re looking for job security, becoming a barber could be a wise move.

Becoming a Barber: Are You Ready?

Becoming a barber can open a lot of doors. The job outlook is very rosy, and men will always need haircuts!

If you pursue a cosmetology career, you can expand your skillset and increase your job satisfaction. Plus, you get to meet interesting people every day, and no two days are the same!

Have we got you curious about a career change? Head over to our Business section, to explore more great career options!


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