How to Find a Special Needs School for Your Child


In the United States, three million people under 18 have a disability. That’s over 4% of children in the nation. So without a doubt, there’s an increasing need for special needs schools that can give these children the care and education they deserve.

How to Find a Special Needs School for Your Child

Are you searching for a special needs school for your kid? If so, there are some crucial factors to consider before making a decision. So, keep reading for a brief special needs school guide!

Availability & Communication

When choosing a special needs school, one of the most important factors is how they treat you from the start.

For example, can you speak with a real person when you call for information or an appointment? If so, are they friendly and helpful? And, if you couldn’t talk to a staff member, did someone return your call promptly?

While these factors may seem insignificant, they are a huge indication of how communication will go if your child enrolls in their school. So, be sure you are comfortable with their availability.

Medical and Behavioral Issues

Most special needs schools have a nurse available full-time in case of medical emergencies. They may also administer medications that students need to take during school. So, if your child needs extra health care, you will want to ask the school about this upfront.

Of course, special needs schools often have policies on handling behavior concerns. You’ll want to ensure that you review these ahead of time and make sure you’re comfortable with them, as they may directly affect your child.


Many special needs schools work with specialists, such as:

If you would like your child to have access to this care, you should ask how often these specialists visit the school. For instance, teacher aides have a certificate 3 teacher aide course and provide their skilled services, depending on the work schedule of their supervisor. Besides, they help teachers plan learning activities, complete records, and support teachers in managing class behavior. You should also find out what training teachers and other staff members have working with children with disabilities.

And, if your child will need the help of specialists daily, will they be assigned the same one? And, will they accompany them during different activities? Asking staff these questions can help you decide whether your little one will get adequate care.

Extracurricular Activities

One of the best things about special needs schools is that they allow your children to enjoy activities that wouldn’t be possible in mainstream schools.

For example, some schools have adaptive PE programs, teach them to use assistive technology, and offer other appropriate activities. So, be sure that the school offers plenty of suitable programs for your child.

Special Needs School Explained

With the help of these special needs school tips, you are in a better position to decide on your child’s education and wellbeing. So, be sure to contact different schools, schedule tours, and ask plenty of questions. By doing so, you’ll find the best special needs school, rewarding your child for your efforts!

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