What Are the 4 Steps to Follow After an Accident?


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), some of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States are the negligent action of another driver. The most common motor vehicle accidents caused by a negligent motorist include speeding, reckless driving, drunk driving, aggressive driving, and running red lights or stoplights.

In the unfortunate aftermath of a car accident, here are four steps you should take to ensure that you receive full compensation for the damages incurred.

1. Report the car accident to law enforcement.

What Are the 4 Steps to Follow After an Accident

Once the accident has occurred, call law enforcement to report the car accident. This is an important step because it’ll allow the law enforcement officers to collect information and gather evidence that will help you when making a legal claim. Take photographs of the scene of the accident.

Next, exchange insurance information with the at-fault driver and any other drivers at the scene. If the fault party doesn’t have any auto insurance, ensure you have their license number, the date of the accident, the motorist’s full name, the accident report number, and the name and badge number of the responding police officers.

2. Seek medical treatment.

medical treatment

Some common car accident injuries include whiplash, broken bones, back injuries, concussions, fractures, and, in some severe cases, spinal damage, lifelong chronic pain, and internal bleeding. Even if you have no physical injuries at the time of the accident, have medical experts examine you, just as a precaution. After receiving medical attention, keep a record of your medical bills, as these will be helpful when making a personal injury claim.

If your health care provider offers holistic care, they may also recommend CBD products—like CBD oil or CBD softgel capsules—to help alleviate some of the occasional discomforts that most auto accident victims experience. Given that most health insurance policies still don’t cover CBD products, you may be paying for your NuLeaf CBD oil out of pocket. If this is the case, don’t forget to keep receipts, as this is a medical expense. If you choose to explore CBD on your own, first consult your primary care physician to rule out any potential side effects.

3. File an insurance claim.

File an insurance claim

After receiving treatment for your injuries, contact your insurance company and file a claim. Once you file an insurance claim, your insurer will handle the next steps. They’ll work with the fault driver’s insurance company to work out compensatory damages and payments.

4. Hire a personal injury attorney.

personal injury attorney

Being a car accident victim is a traumatic experience, especially if it results in life-altering injuries. A personal injury attorney is a licensed professional who offers legal representation to injured accident victims during car accident claims. Hiring an experienced car accident attorney to represent you could make a major difference in your case. Besides offering legal representation, a car accident attorney will also let you know your legal rights and legal options and offer legal advice and ensure you get the best possible outcome for your case.

Given their years of experience in dealing with insurance adjusters and handling settlement negotiations on behalf of personal injury victims, working with an experienced Denver car accident attorney can also help give you peace of mind knowing that there’s someone working with your best interests in mind.

As you seek a car accident lawyer, choose a local law firm because they’ll be better versed with state law as it pertains to personal injury law. So if your accident occurred in the Denver area, or in the State of Colorado, for instance, hire a Denver accident attorney. A great way to find a Colorado car accident lawyer is by asking your friends and family members for referrals or using the American Bar Association state-by-state online lawyer directory.


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