Tips to Customising Custom Promotional Apparel


People don’t really remember what you say to them as much as they remember how you make them feel. That’s why promotional clothing is a great tool to make your company stand out, whether you’re trying to attract new customers or establish stronger relationships with current ones.

Tips to Customising Custom Promotional Apparel

When ordering custom promotional items from an online store like, make sure to follow these tips so that everyone remembers how excellent your business and customer service is.

Design is Key

When designing your custom promotional apparel, make sure it’s eye-catching. Don’t go for something too plain or dull but remember to choose something that doesn’t take attention away from your business logo.

Instead, pick a font that complements your logo and play around with colours until you find one that stands out without overpowering it. You can also add pictures or other graphics to personalise your custom apparel items further.

Choose A Message

It’s best to stick with something relevant and valuable. For example, if you give out promotional clothing at a conference for CEOs, you could have it say, “Feel like a CEO”. If you are targeting athletes, consider something like “Win like an athlete”. If your product is for kids or parents, make your message fun and creative.

Whatever message you choose, it must be neatly worded and cleanly printed to ensure it is easy for everyone to read and understand it. A great message is key.

Pick A Font That Will Look Great On Your Custom T-Shirt

First, figure out what kind of lettering you want on your t-shirt. If you’re looking for something simple but professional, go with a sans serif font. Sans serif fonts are bold and easy to read at a distance. Common sans serif fonts include Arial, Verdana, and Helvetica.

If you want a more unique or artistic font for your custom t-shirt order, a serif font is a good option. Some sellers may even guide you through the process and tell you which font is in trend, which is ideal for the specific promotional item, etc.

Pick A Color That Works For Your Brand

When customising promotional apparel, it’s crucial to pick a colour that works for your brand. If you’re not quite sure what colours look best with your logo or how colours can affect your customers, ask around and see what others think.

There are plenty of sites that will show you examples of good and bad colour schemes. Use these as guidance. After all, who knows better than those who have had experience with a product?

Be Aware Of Legal Limitations

There are a few limitations on what you can and cannot print on promotional apparel. For example, you must print trademarked logos in a way that makes it clear they are not official logos, usually through something called scramble printing.

Additionally, be aware of your company’s policy regarding sexual content, political messages, or racially offensive material. If you aren’t sure whether an image is appropriate for your business, check with legal counsel before proceeding with production.

You might be thinking that custom printing is an expensive and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be. The most effective way to do promotional apparel work for your business is by targeting a specific niche and creating something truly unique. Plus, work with a trusted company that ensures high quality products and the best results.


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