How to Choose and Work with the Best Shopify Developer


Find The Agency That Corresponds To Your Project

With more than 1.7 million online stores worldwide, Shopify is experiencing rapid growth. Naturally, this growth in the e-commerce sector is also accompanied by a growth in the ecosystem of providers gravitating around the Shopify solution: developers, integrators, web designers, App creators. Many are interested in lending to the Shopify movement.
Faced with the many Shopify agencies and experts that are currently surfaced throughout France, it is sometimes difficult to identify the right profile. Who is reliable? Who will understand my problems? Who charges reasonable rates? These are some of the questions you may have.

How to Choose and Work with the Best Shopify Developer

Each project (small, medium or large) corresponds to a type of provider. The challenge is therefore to identify the best Shopify agency for your project.
Here are the main criteria to take into account when selecting.

Technical Skills

In e-commerce, the level of technical complexity varies greatly from one store to another. The skills required also vary according to the merchant sites, the level of customization and the number of features to be developed: web design, UX, application development, connectors. There are many specialized profiles.

Make sure that the selected provider has the technical and/or creative skills necessary to carry out your project. However, it is not relevant to systematically want to recruit the top technically performing Shopify agency. An e-commerce site is a mix of technique, experience and marketing.

The dedicated software development teams will at least have to master the following languages: HTML, CSS, Liquid, javascript.

Experience And Achievements

The technical problems and needs in e-commerce vary greatly depending on the sectors of activity. The more an agency has created shopify sites, the more exposed it will have been to different issues and issues. It is essentially by creating sites that we learn to master Shopify and know its possibilities and limits.

Experience in the development of diverse and varied online shops is therefore a significant asset.

Take the time to browse the shops made by the agencies, try to find the added value or project yourself into your own shop.

Expertise (S)

Each web agency has its talents and singularities. Some focus on design and UX, others focus on performance (# online sales, SEO optimization, etc.) or digital marketing (social networks, emailing, etc.). It all depends on the agency’s background. So identify the agency with the essential expertise(s) for you.

Business Sensitivity

Although it is impossible for an agency to be an expert in all sectors of activity, it is probably relevant to entrust your project to an agency that at least shares your sensitivity and aesthetic requirement.

In addition, the major features also vary from sector to sector (Sampling in beauty, subscription offers in the pet food sector, management of returns in fashion…). So make sure that your e-commerce agency masters the tools that are important to you.

Agency Size And Contact Person (S)

The larger an agency, the more stakeholders there are. Customer manager, technical director, Lead developer, front developer, back developer, project manager… All these resources represent a cost that inevitably affects estimates. It is very important that the size and typology of the agency correspond to the sizing and complexity of the project. Entrusting a small project to a large agency (and vice versa) is rarely the right solution.
Having a good interlocutor within the agency is also an important criterion for the smooth running of a project. In small structures, it is quite common to work directly with the leader(s), while in large agencies, you will probably have to deal with a sales manager or junior project manager. ¬†Integrating an enneagram test type into your hiring process can help ensure that the individuals you work with within the agency are a good fit for your project’s needs and culture.

All structures have their advantages and disadvantages, so the key is to find the right match for you and your project.


E-commerce is booming. The number of requests for e-commerce store creations is disproportionate to the number of qualified Shopify agencies.

Before embarking on a project, make sure your provider’s availability and the proposed deadlines.


The cost of an agency depends on multiple factors: technical skills, the reputation of the agency, the size of the structure. To learn more about the price of an e-commerce project, read our article How much does a Shopify agency cost?

There are many solutions and certified experts to create your Shopify store. The key is to find the right technical and human match.


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