Reasons Why You Should Become a DNP


Pursuing a higher education and an advanced degree can do some wonders when it is time to see your career take off. A Doctor of Nursing Practice, or DNP, is one of the doctoral degrees that is available to those who want to further themselves in the world of nursing.

This is a practical degree that will help you reach a wide range of different career paths, whether you want to be a health policy advocate or a clinic manager. There are so many different careers that you can choose when it comes to working on your DNP, allowing you a lot of freedom and many opportunities that you can’t get anywhere else.

There are many reasons why you should choose to go for your DNP. Some of the top reasons include:

Take On a Role as a Leader

When you attend a college for your DNP, you will find that the curriculum will focus on more than just all the technical aspects of nursing. While you earn your DNP, you will be able to work on developing more of the skills that are essential for the healthcare field as a leader. This can include the ability to make difficult decisions and handle stressful circumstances.

The coursework that you will do while obtaining your DNP can also help you learn a few different skills including:

  • How to run a clinic
  • How to manage a team
  • How to file important paperwork

It is also possible that some of the skills you will be able to learn while getting this degree will prepare you for some of the top positions in hospital administration if you wish to pursue these.

Specialize in a Niche You Love

Many nurses will have a passion for a specific field in nursing. Gaining a DNP will allow you more time to focus on your studies in a way that helps you work on that specialization. You can choose from a lot of different concentrations based on what interests you the most. Some of the options that are available include:

  • Psychiatric mental health
  • Adult-gerontology acute care
  • Adult-gerontology primary care
  • Pediatric care
  • Family care

You will need to explore all of the different options that are available before you go after this degree, but you will find that working to this advanced degree will help you to specialize in the field that you like the most.

Can Work with Your Schedule

Unlike some of the other degrees that you can choose to go for, the DNP program allows for online training as well. This makes it easier for a practicing nurse to get the school done, even while they maintain their current job, even if they are busy with longer shifts or an irregular schedule.

Keep in mind that the DNP is going to require a good deal of your time and you need to be dedicated to getting this kind of degree, rather than costing by. But the online portion does allow you to have more flexibility where you can learn while working at the same time.

Stay Current in Your Field

The field of nursing is changing all the time. There are many new advances, medicines, and technologies that you will find on a regular basis and keeping up with it all can be a challenge. The more you can keep up with this though, the more in-demand you will be with any career you choose to go with. Gaining your DNP is going to help with this.

One reason that a DNP is a great career choice is because the healthcare field is changing all the time. You will be able to learn some of the new technologies and changes in medicine, being more informed compared to those who do not go for the degree. The DNP program will help provide up to date information to help train their students all the time.

Better Job Security

DNPs are in high demand in any facility and any industry. There is already a huge nursing shortage throughout the country and some jobs can only hire those with an advanced degree in the first place. Those who have the higher degree will find that they are in-demand and better able to get some of the jobs that they want.

Doctorate-level nurses will be able to help cover some of the gaps between two roles. Some of these will even be able to help fill in for some doctors on occasion or run their own practice if they choose to do this. This can help make them more valuable and in-demand than before, and can bring in a higher salary as well.

Become Your Own Boss

Those with a DNP degree will be able to become their own boss as well. It is becoming more common in many states to allow these professionals to open their own clinics and treat patients on their own as well, and it is likely that this will become a big trend throughout the country before long as well, making it easier for a DNP to become their own boss.

Not only is there a nursing shortage, there is a clinician shortage as well, meaning that a lot of people are not able to get the help and care that they need. A DNP will be able to gain the skills and knowledge that they need to step up and start their own practice, allowing them to work on their own, treat their own patients, and make a higher income as well.

Choosing to Get a DNP

While there are many avenues that you can choose when it comes to the field of nursing, the DNP is going to allow you to reach new heights and have a lot of fun along the way. When you want to advance your career and get a great job, then taking the time to work on your DNP is a smart decision. Take a look at some of the benefits above to see why.


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