King Kong Vs. Godzilla: A Complete Reckoner of an IconicMovie


In 1962, two of the most iconic movie monsters ever to grace the silver screen went head-to-head in King Kong vs Godzilla. This film had the highest box office attendance figures of all Godzilla films to date in Japan. It sold 11.2 million tickets during its initial theatrical run, accumulating ¥352 million in distribution rental earnings.

King Kong Vs. Godzilla - A Complete Reckoner of an IconicMovie

The result was a film still debated by fans as to who won. Here is a comprehensive look at both creatures and attempt to determine who would have come out on top in a fight to the death. You can also check out some great reviews on this movie online for more information.

The Plot

The film is set in modern times, with a giant iceberg crashing into Tokyo Bay. Upon inspection, it is revealed to be a frozen Kong. The Japanese Government sets out to thaw him and bring him back to Japan, but they are not the only ones interested in Kong. A group of American businessmen wants to exploit Kong for profit, and they hatch a plan to bring him back to the States.

The two groups end up in a race to get Kong, with the Americans winning out and bringing him back to New York. They then put him on display as part of a circus act, but Kong eventually breaks free. He goes on a violent rampage through the city before being shot down by military forces.

Meanwhile, Godzilla has been making his way across the Pacific Ocean, and he arrives in New York shortly after Kong’s death. The two monsters face off in a spectacular battle that destroys much of the city.

The Creatures

Kong is a giant ape that stands around 50 feet tall. He is powerful and durable, withstands artillery fire, and fights off creatures much larger than himself. Kong has a keen sense of smell and hearing, as well as sharp claws and teeth.

Godzilla is a giant lizard that stands over 150 feet tall. He is mighty, able to shoot atomic rays from his mouth, and is almost impervious to damage.

The Fight

In the movie, King Kong vs Godzilla fights three times. The first time is when Kong is on display in New York and breaks free from his shackles. After Godzilla arrives, the fight begins. The battle is a draw, with both monsters retreating after sustaining some injuries.

The second time is when Godzilla has reached New York, and the military tries to kill him with artillery fire. Kong appears out of nowhere and fights Godzilla again. This time, Kong wins, tearing off one of Godzilla’s arms before retreating into the sea.

The third and final time is when the two monsters face off in Tokyo. Kong climbs onto a building, but Godzilla knocks him down with his atomic breath. They fight again, and this time, Godzilla emerges victorious, killing Kong.

So, Who Won?

When it comes to who won, there are a few things to consider. Kong is smaller than Godzilla and not as strong enough either. He also can’t shoot atomic rays from his mouth. However, Kong is more agile, has sharper claws and teeth, and is more intelligent.

When it comes to the movie, Godzilla won two out of the three fights. He also killed Kong in the third fight, whereas Kong only knocked Godzilla unconscious in the second fight. Therefore, based on these facts, it is safe to say that Godzilla would have won in a battle to the death. Get more information on a movie review website.


So, who really won in the movie? It’s hard to say. King Kong fought well, but Godzilla was the ultimate victor. It was a very close call by the end, but Godzilla came out on top.


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