Four Reasons Why Temple Run is Dominating The App Store


Excitement, Speed, Flow Concentration, and Reaction— These are the qualities an individual must possess in order to optimize games to revive energy. Games increase the level of Attention and Concentration of an individual.

It is observed for quite some years that Temple Run has undisputed popularity among people irrespective of age group. That everybody is loving the games is a fact.

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The reasons behind the success story of Temple Run will find discussed in the following Article.

Benefits Of Video Games Like Temple Run

It is an allegation that Video games are extremely bad for Kids as they harm study-related activities.

Amidst all the negative publicity there are the positive ones:

Games Improve Upon Concentration

Computer Games massively work to improve concentration oneself. Kids who play video games could elevate and stretch their level of concentration to the maximum.

Players devote their all to securing the chances of winning. Games like Temple Run enable one to control the person running to escape the Giant or monster.

Improvement of Memory Speed

Computer games go on to improve the speed of Memory of an individual. This is a much requirement so far as academics is concerned.

After winning a certain stage in the Temple Rune, the individual recollects inwardly the different junctures and obstacles.

At a higher speed, one needs to bring that out to analyze the situation. At higher levels, an Alacrity coupled with Memory power helps win stages.

Temple Run: The Game

Temple Run is developed by Imangi Studios, which was founded by Keith Shepherd and Natalia Luckyanova in 2008.

Since then there has been no stopping. The game went on to make an indelible mark on the young generation. The game turned out to be so popular that it became an addiction for many of us.

Anchoring up on the experience the franchise went on to make several games that include:

  • Temple Run 2
  • Temple Run: Bravo
  • Temple Run: Oz

The indomitable success gets carried forward in the later years. The fan following of the game went on to increase manifolds.

In the month June 2014, the company announced that the Temple Run along with Temple Run 2 covered one million Downloads making it the one on the list. This is a great feat so far as the success of a Mobile game is concerned.

Reasons Why Temple Run Is Dominating The App Store

There are obvious reasons behind the success of Temple Run. So try to analyze the reasons behind the level of rising of such a simple Game:

Timing Of Launch

Experts attribute the success of Temple Run to the Timing of the Launch of the Game. It was found out that the Game was launched in the Third Quarter of 2011.

This happened when iPhone 4S was released. Between the last quarter of 2011 as well as the first quarter of 2012 the game perceived one of the biggest jumps.

The Leap was from 17Million Units to a whopping 37 Million units sold.

Emotional Resonance

When the scary monkey triggers “ the later half of the human fights” emotions run extremely high.

The game also evokes some sort of Tantalising mixed with excitement and that really goes on to increase the level of intense attention for the game.

The urge to save oneself from the enemy also helps intensify the game’s interest.

Simple Controls

This one is probably the most important reason behind the success of Temple Run.

It is found from the study that Swipe and Tilts offer easy control to anyone playing the game. With lesser control. It becomes easy to maneuver the player at high speed.

Better Business Model

With the passage of Time Developer Imangi shifted its business model from 1$ per download model to Freemium Model.

This policy took the game far away from competitors like Canabalt and Robot Unicorn.

So Finally,

Temple Run literally put the mobile users by storm. With advanced features like Easy handling, Free download, the game went on to create a big impact.

The game itself is so interesting and within short phases, it could really make the player concentrate heavily.

This Simplicity coupled with a smart business model carved out success for Temple Run.


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