How to Get the Right Size Of Engagement Ring


After the wedding is over, your engagement ring will still be a (sparkly) reminder of your commitment to one another. As a result, knowing your precise ring size before your significant other proposes is critical.

Losing such a priceless treasure down the drain of your kitchen sink or having it accidentally sever a blood vessel are two of the most depressing things that may happen. The following is a detailed explanation of how to find out what size engagement or wedding ring you should buy. For the simple reason that the size of a ring should never be arbitrary.

Which options would be the most ideal? The aim is to get an engagement ring that is not only beautiful but also fits your preferred aesthetic so that you may wear it all the time.

Finger Size Keeps Changing

The problem is that the size of our fingers changes over time. As the temperature drops in the fall and winter, it’s usual for the latest band rings that fit snugly throughout the summer to wobble or slide around on your finger. When the temperature drops, our fingers get smaller, while higher temperatures and humidity make them bigger. It’s not just the climate that might have an impact on how well an engagement ring fits. Inflammation can be triggered by salty meals and water, and weight gain or loss as well as pregnancy might affect finger ring size.

Your ring will be remembered and admired for many years to come. But how can you know which size is best for you when there are so many factors to consider? Keep reading for some tips on selecting the perfect engagement ring.

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Different Finger Types Have Different Sizing and Fit

Various people have different shaped fingers, making it difficult to choose a ring that fit well. Thus, the look of an engagement ring on your finger can be altered by a variety of design factors.

Do your fingers look long and thin? Then you need an emerald cut engagement ring, which is long and narrow, to balance the length and fits more properly on your fingers thanks to its wide band and massive, angular centerstone.

Are your fingers relatively small? Longer rings that feature a slim band and an extended stone look great stacked. Lab-grown diamonds in an oval or pear shape will make your fingers look longer and more elegant.

Do your knuckles look big? Choose a size that allows the gloves to wrap around your knuckles without sliding down your fingers. An engagement ring with accent jewels could be a fantastic choice because the more stones on the band, the heavier it will feel while worn.

As you get older, do your fingers get thinner? As your finger gradually grows larger, even a tight fit may slip off. Simply put, it’s thickest where your palm meets your hand and tapers off when your fingernail touches your finger. If you don’t want to lose your ring, choose a size that fits snugly rather than loosely. Today, a growing number of ladies choose to wear the latest band rings. As a result, stackable rings and wide bands are perfect for this finger shape when it comes to bridal attire.

Best Ways to Get the Right Fit

There are a few things you should consider before deciding on your ring size—

Here, think about your knuckle: If your knuckle is very large, you should get a half-size larger than what your finger alone implies so that the ring may be placed on your finger.

Try out multiple times to ensure accuracy: Since finger size changes with temperature, Catbird suggests taking multiple measurements. The opposite is true as well; when hot, it can swell up, and when cold, it can shrink.

You can also check out the website of a reliable online jewellery store and look at their ring size guide.

When deciding on the size and shape of a ring, there are many factors to consider. Like meeting your perfect match, you might have to try on a few different sizes before settling on the one that fits just right. After you’ve found the perfect finger, you may finally show off your dazzling ring.


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