Microsoft Employee Accidentally Announces Notepad App to Get Tabs on Windows 11


An employee of Microsoft accidentally announced that the Notepad app is about to get the tabs feature in Windows 11. A senior product manager at Microsoft tweeted a photo of the Notepad version with tabs. The employee announced “Notepad in Windows 11 now has tabs!’ along with a loudspeaker emoji.

The tweet was deleted in minutes. But Windows central and lots of MS Windows enthusiast followers on Twitter have spotted the tweet. The tweet with the Notepad screenshot includes an internet warning “Confidential Don’t discuss features or take screenshots.” The warning message shows that the new tabs feature in Windows 11 is still in the early internal testing phase at Microsoft. But the new tab feature may arrive to Windows Insiders in somewhere early 2023.

(Image credit: MSFT Employee) – Notepad with tabs and a confidential Microsoft internal warning. Image: Microsoft

If the tabs appear on the Notepad then it will become the first built-in app to have a tabbed interface after tabs in File Explorer. Microsoft has tested tabs for all Windows 10 apps in a feature known as Sets. The feature included tabs inside Notepad and File Explorer, but the project got canceled and never appeared to Windows 10 users. With this new tab in Notepad, it can be a signal that the tabs will appear in more built-in apps. The Microsoft team may have canceled the Sets project but never stopped Windows users from using third-party apps to use tabs.

More about tabs on the Notepad app in Windows 11

Microsoft added tabs to File Explorer. The new feature allows the user to open multiple directories and folders under a single window like web browsers where you can open multiple pages in one window. But now Microsoft is adding this feature to the Notepad app. The tweet with the screenshot shows the new tabs interface in the Notepad app in Windows 11. Like the File Explorer tabs, the tabs on the screenshot appear along the top of the application which allows the user to open multiple files within a window.

Assuming that the new feature is in the early testing phase, it’s likely to avail in early 2023 for Windows Insiders in preview. Hopefully, the new Notepad app will officially appear in the coming months. The attachment of tabs in the Notepad app will be a good inclusion for Notepad power users.


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