How to Watch Popular Shows And Movies Online For Free: A Guide


A decade before, we had DVD stores. Now, it is so difficult to imagine someone going to a DVD store to get anything. They have simply become a haven for all those vintage record lovers.

The more we are advancing towards advanced internet verse, the cost of accessing anything is becoming costlier. Anything you are willing to consume will have some payment attached to it.

How to Watch Popular Shows And Movies Online For Free: A Guide

Whether it is that series you have been dying to watch or that game that will cost you more than your week’s salary. But today, we will be strictly talking about the movies and series over the paid servers and how you can get them for free.

Click and start watching all the popular shows free of cost. You won’t be able to finish them!

How To Watch Popular Shows Online For Free?

There are ways to watch these popular shows online. Don’t worry; you are not doing something wrong. The domain we will be talking about today doesn’t make any money from its content.

The copyright laws clearly state fair use of the content if no revenue is being generated from it.

1. Pirate Bay

The website that you should be using is called Pirate Bay. Started by four Swedish people, it is one of the most popular torrent sites which gives all the latest movies, games, software, etc.

This is a rebellious sight that is against the copyright rules. According to them, the internet is a matter of global freedom, and all its content should be available to all people without any restrictions; most importantly, free!

It is one of the legal websites out there, which allows endless streaming.

2. Download The Application

This application is a domain that will help you stream or download. This is where all the information is saved, they are uploaded from connected computers, but the domain operators call them ‘peers.’

This application is called the BitTorrent client. You can download and run the install or get a chrome extension for it. Once you enter this domain, you will be able to see the Pirate Bay logo. Underneath the logo is the search engine.

You can search for all the movies and series you want to watch. It wouldn’t be a matter of doubt if you find a movie that was released yesterday; that is how efficient the Pirate Bay application is.

3. Downloading From Pirate Bay

The moment you search for a movie, you will be redirected to the page which will have all the information about the file. For example, the size of the file and how much time it will take to download it.

This will also contain a comment section and the number of leechers. This extra information is also very important to understand the file’s condition and whether it is malware.

Besides the movie, you will find an option named ‘get Torrent.’ This is where you will click. It will redirect you to parts of the movies which you have to download one by one. Since Pirate Bay doesn’t work on one single server, it cannot have one single file.

Divided information is uploaded from different peers.

4. Download A VPN

Since the domain doesn’t make any money from the content, most of its revenue is generated from the advertisement. Now, there can be some advertisements that have malware in them.

When you are downloading things from torrents, protecting your device from malware practices is extremely important. Make sure to always use a VPN so that your IPN cannot be traced; hackers try to intervene in your system through these IPN.

5. How To Stream Online?

When you are trying to watch something online, you will come across an option called the ‘Stream It’ right beside the download.

Once you click on it, you will be redirected to a different page that will ask you to download an extension called the ‘torrent Time-Download exe.’ Download and run install before watching anything online.

6. Check Before Downloading

When you are clicking on the content you wish to see or download, you will come across all the information like the comments and the number of leeches.

Check the comments for feedback on any malware activities. Leeches are when the user loses the server before the file is downloaded. If a file has too many leeches, it is probably malware.

Final Note

There are many tempting advertisements on the file; make sure that you do not click everywhere. Some can redirect you to places that can only mean one thing, Virus!

Streaming on legal platforms for free is fun, but you also have to be extremely cautious when it comes to accessing this information.


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