5 Top Work from Home Jobs During a Pandemic


The global pandemic made people change their minds and perceptions about how one can work and still earn without leaving their homes or commuting to their physical work locations. With the rising number of technologies such as zoom, skype, authenticator applications, slack, cloud computing, etc. People can work remotely and be productive while reducing operational costs. Below are top work from home jobs during a pandemic:

1. Virtual assistant

This is among the best work from home jobs that you can start. A virtual assistant helps companies deal with various functions without being physically present. Some functions of a virtual assistant include managing social media accounts, scheduling client appointments, and requests, responding to messages and emails, bookkeeping, managing business documents and data entry. Today, many organizations hire virtual assistants since it’s cost-effective, unlike having a traditional secretary.

2. Writing

The writing industry has grown tremendously with the rising use of the internet. Today, there’s an increased demand for writers for different subjects. You can choose a field such as blogging, article writing, academic writing, proofreading, editing, copywriting, or writing product reviews. To get started, you need a computer and a stable internet connection. If you decide to start academic or article writing, you need to create an account with your favorite platform and get started.

3. Customer service representative

Most organizations today are finding home-based customer service representatives to cut operational costs. Your duties as a customer service representative will be making inbound and outbound calls, assisting customers in making orders, and giving them any other useful information, including account information. Here, you’ll be paid on an hourly basis depending on the kind of work you’ll do. To be a customer service representative, you need to have excellent communication and customer service skills.

4. Marketing

In the past, marketing was a function that required physical presence. Today, the marketing role has shifted to the online space. You can become a marketer to promote various business products and services remotely. All you need to get started is a computer and stable internet connection. As a marketer, your role will be to develop marketing strategies, analyze market trends, market forecasting, improve networking, and file marketing reports for businesses. The terms of payment will depend on the organization and the amount of work you do.

5. Tutoring

If you’re a specialist in a particular field, you can consider tutoring on the internet. Today, there are many video platforms you can use, such as Skype and zoom. Depending on your expertise, you can find an audience and teach at a fee. You can also create online courses and sell to your audience. English is among the leading fields where you can specialize. There are many people today who are willing to learn English because it’s an international language. Other best fields you can consider are mathematics and science.

In conclusion, these are the top work from home jobs during a pandemic. Others are web development, bookkeeping, taking online surveys, and transcription. It’s easier for people to work from home. You can learn more about work from home jobs at https://content.mycareersfuture.gov.sg/potential-work-from-home-jobs-during-pandemic/.


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