How to Choose LED Tube Light Fixture T8 4ft Complete Guideline


If we talk about the LED tube light fixture T8 4ft then ‘T’ stands for Tubular as it is describing the shape. A person may find bulbs in the market which are known as T8, T5, T12 as all of them are tubular bulbs. If we talk about the digit 8 in T8 LED bulbs then ‘8’ stands for the value of the diameter of the bulb.

How to Choose LED Tube Light Fixture T8 4ft Complete Guideline

The bulbs with T5 and T12 have a diameter of their bulbs of 0.625 inches and 1.5 inches. In a compiled form we can say that LED tube light fixtures T8 4ft are tubular bulbs that consist of 1 inch. The best LED tube light fixture T8 4ft is available on Lepro’s official website.

  • T8=8/8=1 inch
  • T5=5/8= 0.625 inch
  • T12=12/8= 1.5 inches

Replacing LED tube light fixture T8 4ft

Most people wanted to replace the LED bulb of T8 with T12. The user is just confused about whether they can replace T8 with the T12 lamp or not. It is very easy to answer that yes a user can easily replace both of them.

Due to greater diameter but having the same length and wattage, T12 is in great demand. A user can contact the official website of to replace the T8 LED tube light with T12.

Types of LED tube light fixture T8 4ft that are mostly needed

In the market, there are different types of LED tube lights present but the LED tube light fixture T8 4ft has only three main types. The main types are given below:

Type A-Plug and Play LED tube light

LED tube lights of type A are mostly compatible with the ballast as is also known as ‘plug and play’. It is high in its price but you don’t need to pay a lot of money for this product again and again. Sometimes it also becomes a problem because of its compatibility with the ballast.

Type B-Ballast Bypass LED tube light

LED tube light with type B has a feature that you can directly install on a fluorescent light fixture which is T8. On the other hand, in ballast, you need to remove them before installing a new one. In type B, we have two types of LED tube lights in which one has single-ended power while the other is double-ended power.

Single-ended power is much cheaper but it needs to be rewired while double-ended power doesn’t need any rewiring. Type B LED lights are mostly recommended by Lepro because of their low-cost maintenance along with the cheaper price. It is used in fresh construction sites and sites for renovations.

Type C-External Driver LED tube lights

Type C LED tube light which is available with an external drive is the most user-friendly. It is considered the most flexible type specially designed for installation. The cost of the product is very high and experts don’t recommend it as it becomes out of budget.

Features of LED tube light fixture T8 4ft

Some special features are present in the LED tube light fixture T8 4ft. All these features force a user to convert to LED tube light fixtures from fluorescent tube lights.

Electric Saver

LED tube lights work in such a way that it saves energy up to 50%. Lepro recommends it as it always reduces the electricity bill.

Better working span

LED lights need much less maintenance and the lifespan of such LED lights is much more than fluorescent tube lights. also gave a warranty of 5 years for high-quality lights. If you are using a ballast bypass solution then you need not change the ballast either if it works for long.

Low cost

LED lights that have a DLC list can attain rebates from utility providers. Rebates are higher as compared to the product cost. Lepro suggests you check the rebate list of the nearest utility provider.

Environment friendly

In the fluorescent tube lights, there is a presence of Mercury which makes it a reason to destroy the environment. LED tube light fixtures T8 4ft are working as an environmentally friendly source of light.

Working and installation

The installation and the working of LED tube lights are very easy to learn. It only requires simple steps to follow. Following the steps or watching a video tutorial would be enough to gain information about LED tube lights.


LED tube lights are in great demand due to their low cost and high working power. is working to provide the latest instruments with the best quality. If you want to learn more about the working of LED tube lights then you can get all the information from the official website of


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