How to Make the Most of Your Pre-Move Home Survey


A removals company performs a pre-move home survey to inspect your property and the items you intend to move. The primary purpose of this survey is for the firm to provide you with an accurate quotation, but this is also the best time for them to understand your moving requirements. This is an opportunity to ask questions to get a clearer picture of what will happen before and during your move. Make sure to get the most out of the survey by going through this guide.

How to Make the Most of Your Pre-Move Home Survey

Show all the rooms and storage

A survey is crucial in getting an accurate quotation, so show the removal surveyor all the rooms with furniture and other items to be moved. Do not miss the loft, basement, storage cupboards, and garden shed. All items should be considered to determine the space required on their vehicle. If you plan to buy a new item that will take significant space, let them know as well.

Be ready with your answers to their questions

Every customer has different moving requirements, and the removal surveyor would want to understand your situation. They will take all this information to plan a solution based on your needs and budget. Be prepared to let them know or at least give an idea of your budget, preferred or target date, completion date, and special requirements, such as handling safes and piano. The removals Leeds surveyor will also ask about accessibility, including parking, stairs, lifts, or obstacles.

Ask questions

Ask what to expect during the moving day and what to prepare before it. Be sure to discuss all additional fees and insurance coverage. This is also the best time to convey your concerns, such as handling delicate items.

Discuss additional services

Your pre-move survey is the best time to discuss additional services. Ask what services they can provide aside from packing or transporting, and finalize what you wish to have. Some companies offer optional services, like packing materials, dismantling and reassembling large items, and white glove removal services. There are moving companies, like, that can also provide storage services.

Prepare for it

To ensure you do not miss anything important on the moving survey, list the questions you want to ask. Then, declutter your home to give them a clearer picture of the things to move. List the fragile or valuable items, and count the boxes you think you’ll need. Proper preparation is also essential for an efficient survey.


A home removal survey is a crucial step in the moving process, as it can save you from unforeseen problems, unnecessary stress, and additional costs on the actual moving day. Every home removal is different, and surveys will let removals understand your needs. As a result, the company will plan a smooth move using the information from your survey. Thus, make the necessary preparations before the home survey and not just the moving day.


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