Tips on Grooming Your Ragdoll Cat


If you are looking for a loyal furry friend, and you are among the cat fans, Ragdolls will be a great choice. Whether you are alone or have a family, live in a house or apartment, these felines will fit perfectly into your life. On this page, you can find a list of reasons that make these kittens ideal pets.

Tips on Grooming Your Ragdoll Cat

Since you have decided to get a cat, you know for sure that it will be a great pleasure, but also an additional obligation. Ragdoll kittens are super cute and fun, but the fact is that they are not easy to maintain. They have that beautiful, lush fur that makes them real divas in the cat world. But it is this coat that requires extra attention.

If you want to have the healthiest, happiest pet you can, you need to pay attention to many things. Proper feeding, physical activity, regular vet checks, and grooming are the basics of any pet care. As for grooming, every animal has different needs. And for Ragdolls, these are a bit more demanding.

Start Grooming Routine Early

You can do many things that will help you care for your cat the best way possible. One of them is to establish a grooming routine from their kitty age. Ragdolls are born with medium hair, and it goes long in just a few months. So you have to take good care of your pet’s skin and coat.

There are even some things that you will need to do even daily, like brushing. So, the sooner you get your pet used to this, the easier it will be for both of you. Kittens can easily get accustomed to brushes or brushing gloves. Make the grooming routine an enjoyable experience for them. And don’t forget to reward your pet after every session.

Brushing Essentials

You will need to brush your Ragdolls often to prevent mats. The easiest way to keep their coat healthy is to use a soft brush often, about twice a week. If your pet shows resistance to brushing, don’t insist. Find another way to convince them. You may even have to bribe them with some treats or toys.

Start slowly, so the brush can get the knots and fallen hair out of the Ragdoll’s coat. In some cases, if the hair is tangled, you will need harder combs. Try to use a brush that is not too wide, as knots can get caught up in the bristles when you brush them hard.

Another great idea is to use grooming gloves. They are cheap and easy to use. Brushing your pet’s fur with them is a win-win situation. You can easily brush your cat’s fur with these rubber aids and pet your Ragdoll at the same time.

Bathing as Needed

Like humans, cats can get sick after inhaling or licking something dirty or strange. That’s especially true for long-haired breeds like Ragdolls, as many things can get onto and under their lush, silky fur. So, if your pet spends a lot of time outside, you have to help them keep good hygiene.

Bathing for Ragdolls is recommended every month, but that’s not set in the stone. You can bathe these cats anytime they get dirty or have something smelly or sticky on their fur. Use this activity to check for cuts and bumps that can hide under the Ragdoll’s coat.

Always use specialized products, not human ones. Read labels and ensure these are made (mostly) of natural ingredients. There are products you can use to keep your pet from shedding so much. They will help you not only keep their fur nice and neat but will also prevent matting.

Never brush your pet right after bathing. Also, don’t pull the hair knows. That can hurt your Ragdoll. Instead, wait for them to get completely dry. Use a soft towel and gently press it on Ragdoll’s fur. The fabric will absorb the moisture much better than if you wipe it. If you know your cat won’t run away, a dryer can help, too.

Nail Trimming

When it comes to the nails of your Ragdoll, you need to keep them short and trimmed. Since long claws can harm your pets or even endanger their health (many things can get stuck under the long nails), you will want to cut them regularly.

When you do clip cat’s nails, you will want to go very slowly and gently. Your Ragdoll should sit calmly in your lap. Make sure that the clipper is properly sized and made of quality steel. This way, you don’t hurt your pet, and at the same time, they get used to having their nails trimmed.

Clean Ragdoll’s Retreat Place

Anytime your pets get outside, they can get dirty and catch fleas. So you will need to clean the entire area where your cat spends a lot of time. You will want to do this once or twice a week, especially if you have an outdoor cat. Use pet-friendly disinfectants and specialized anti-parasites powders or lotions your vet prescribed. On this source, get recommendations on the best home remedies against fleas.

Caring for a Ragdoll can pose some expenses on a monthly basis. Grooming salons will take good care of these cats. But you do not have to spend lots of money to groom your pet. With a little bit of patience and work, you can make your fluffy friend looks great.


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