How to Choose a Coupon Extension?


Since online shopping began in the early 1990s, it has expanded significantly. Studies show that e-retail revenues are expected to grow to 5.4 trillion USD$ in 2022. Purchasing products and items over the Internet has many advantages. However, none of those advantages are as appealing as discounts, which are offered by websites from time to time. Even though there are several ways of getting deals, one of the best of them is coupons from Coupon extension is an excellent tool that finds the best coupon codes for you and applies them in shopping carts before checkout. It saves you time and ensures you receive the best deals. What are other things you should know about it?

How to Choose a Coupon Extension

Are Coupon Extensions Safe?

Most of the available coupon extensions are free and will not cause any damage to your existing browser or interfere with your online shopping experience. The most reliable and trustworthy ones will even have a privacy policy that explains their policy of collecting, processing, transferring, storing, and disclosing the information they collected in detail. They will also offer you the ability to control the collected data in specific ways.

Do They Collect Your Personal Information?

It is usual and accepted practice for coupon extensions to collect certain types of data based on your purchase history. However, you can choose not to share your personal information with them, but it will exclude you from some of their services and features. When you visit their website, they obtain information about your computer, including browser type, operating system, and personal data like IP address, viewing history, and browsing history. They use it to develop various products and services, review usage, analytics, prevent fraud, and general recordkeeping purposes. All in all, you should not worry as far as your sensitive data is concerned.

Are They Compatible with Your Browser?

You should start by selecting a particular coupon extension compatible with your browser. Many of the extensions will only be compatible with limited browsers, the most famous of which are Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple’s Safari, and Mozilla Firefox. In case the extension is incompatible, it will not provide the best user experience or not even work.

Is the Coupon Finding Process Easy?

The extension you choose should be easy to find at the outset, with a user-friendly interface. When you visit the website, there should be a separate web page or section for coupons where all the available coupon codes are mentioned. When you click the button to get the coupon, it should redirect you to the retailer’s website in no more than three to five seconds at the max. Once there, you should easily click and paste it during the checkout process.

How Many Retailers Do They Have?

The more retailers an extension has, the more convenient it is for you since you can get all the relevant and best discounts in one place. Even if they don’t have an exhaustive list, they should have the names of the most famous online retailers in the world. It would be convenient to search a particular retailer quickly rather than wasting time scrolling down a seemingly never-ending webpage. You will even find coupon tracking sites with coupon-related information on more than 50,000 stores.

What is the Sign-Up Process?

Almost all the websites that track, collect, and offer coupon codes will require you to sign-up before they allow you to use any of their services. The sign-up procedure should be straightforward, where you have numerous ways of signing up. They could either ask you to provide your email and password or create an account through a social media or email service.

Is It Free?

Even though many coupon tracking sites are free, there are some paid ones too. It’s advisable to select one that does not charge any money, simply because it’s the right thing to do. Before installing it, it would be wise to check whether they have any associated or monthly fees or not.

Are the Coupons Updated?

The primary purpose of using a coupon code is to avail discounts and attractive deals an online dealer provides. It will not be helpful if the coupons are outdated or have expired. The extension should mention if the voucher is valid and when the users last used it.

Customer Reviews

Even though it seems obvious, you should carefully browse the customer reviews before choosing a specific extension. While doing so, it would be advisable to check the number of stars awarded to the product along with the date when the customer provided the review. Another thing you might check is whether the extension’s customer support team has replied to any of these comments or not, since that will reflect their reliability.

A coupon extensionis something you must have if you want to benefit from the latest discounts, deals, and attractive offers available with online retailers. It can be challenging to track the coupons and collect the information in one place, and an extension lets you do precisely that.


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