Things to Discuss When Meeting Your Mesothelioma Attorney


What did my lawyer say during consultations? Did they answer all questions I had asked before? Such questions may arise after you meet your mesothelioma attorney.
You may be surprised at what your attorney discusses with you during the consultation. But there’s no need to worry. They’re experts in helping people like yourself receive rightful compensation for mesothelioma. They will review all of their cases and answer any questions for you.

Things to Discuss When Meeting Your Mesothelioma Attorney

This is a guide on discussing your mesothelioma claim with an attorney. For starters, you must seek out an experienced asbestos lawyer to guide you through this difficult time. The law relating to mesothelioma compensation claims is complicated. So getting help could make all the difference between winning and losing your case. Listed below are some things you may need to discuss when meeting your mesothelioma attorney.

Discuss treatment options

While you should be discussing this with your oncologist, talking with a lawyer will provide you with additional insight on mesothelioma treatment and associated expenses. Asbestos attorneys know their subject matter well enough to understand what patients are going through. Thus, they can help you secure enough funds to undergo treatment and improve the quality of your remaining life.

Discuss their experience

Fighting against corporations responsible for endangering others can be tricky. Only experienced lawyers can navigate the path and ensure a favorable settlement. Therefore, discuss the past and present experience the lawyer has. It’s essential to know how things work in the legal world and what complications could arise. Use the lawyer’s expertise to evaluate chances of success and failure.

Discuss who’s in your corner

The best legal representation is personal, hands-on experience. You should ensure your attorney will handle the case personally and not delegate to others or hand it out at another law firm. A positive outcome can only happen when there’s an understanding between all parties involved, which starts with a collaborative relationship based on mutual respect from both sides. Also, ensure your medical team is ready to stand by your side and facilitate any legal requirements.

Discuss the fee and expenses

When choosing an asbestos and mesothelioma lawyer, you should consider the type of fee arrangement. Contingent or flat fees can vary depending on the resources you hire to fight your claim. Typically, health-related claims are fought on a contingency basis. This means lawyers only charge a fee if the plaintiff receives compensation. The payment can be a percentage of the settlement amount.

However, be ready to pay for billable hours if your law firm asks for them. Therefore, discussing payment options in a meeting is crucial. It will help the two of you come to terms on what type and how much compensation would be for all damages and when it’s appropriate time frames in which treatment should take place.

Discuss evidence

Learning about mesothelioma can be difficult, especially when it’s hard to quantify the impact of this disease. Asbestos victims and their families often don’t know what steps to take next to survive and come out with as much dignity intact as possible. To ensure this, lawyers will want to gather evidence to prove your claim.

So, when meeting your lawyer, make a list of all the documents they will need from you. This will include medical reports, bills, employment records, etc. Ensure you have everything organized and ready to speed up the process.

Discuss proof of expertise

An asbestos attorney’s experience is essential when looking for legal representation. The more cases they’ve worked on, the better insight into what to expect from them and how compensation will be paid out. Plus, testimonials from past clients show that these attorneys can help those suffering from mesothelioma receive equitable relief through successful litigation efforts.

Asbestos-related claims can be very stressful and often expensive. But, if you want an idea about how many cases these solicitors have worked on or what types of compensation they offer for their clients, then ask them.

Discuss the time

The lawyer should come and take your statement as soon as possible. When you are ready, they will meet with you at whatever location is most comfortable for both parties. They will go over what happened in detail to record an accurate account of each event leading up to the present day.

The sooner, the better, right? The best way to resolve your problem is by recognizing that sometimes these matters are less about money and more of an emotional need for justice. When you feel ready, talk face-to-face with your lawyer at any location where it’s most comfortable.


You and the lawyer on board for this process must be clear about what will happen at every step. We’ve outlined some of those points in the article so there can be no confusion, but if something else arises during your meeting or afterward, don’t hesitate to tell them. Meet with a mesothelioma specialist to get the best possible treatment for your cancer. They will advise you on the best course of action and what to expect. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you might have. Trust is essential in this type of relationship, so be sure you feel comfortable before making any decisions.


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