How to Earn MUT Coins in Madden 22 with Sniper Method


The Madden 22 Ultimate Team mode is to Earn MUT Coins and use these Coins to purchase player card packs that can be used to form a team. MUT can be a bit cumbersome, so in this guide, we will explain the fastest way to earn MUT coins in Madden 22.

You can buy the cards you want to add to the team from the auction house, but if you are good, you can sell players that you have not cashed in MUT coins. Do you have any famous players you don’t like? The people at the auction house probably paid too much for this. Do you prefer arbitrage opportunities? Replace lower-value cards with higher-value cards, and then send the higher-value cards to the auction house to obtain a net profit. You can find the auction house in the “Market” section of the menu. The bottom middle of the page.

You can get many different rewards in Madden Ultimate Team, and they all have MUT currency value. Whenever you enter the reward screen, there is always a quick way to sell the item with a guaranteed number of coins. Or, you can go to the folder in the “My Team” section to quickly sell cards.

Experienced Ultimate Team players enrich themselves by sniping to buy and sell players! How everything works and what you must pay attention to can be seen here! The so-called “sniper” is a popular trading method in the Madden 22 transfer market. In principle, you can filter the low instant prices of any player and then sell them at a higher price.

Which players are worth it?

Depending on the team, it is recommended to choose a better player than your current choice, and they are also very suitable for the team.

For pure trading, it makes sense to use these criteria to limit player searches:

  • Unique maps required for specific team-building challenges
  • Popular or influential player cards (more supply and demand)
  • Players who will appreciate soon, for example, because of upgrades or can join the team of the week.
  • This is a popular Madden 22 video you might like
  • Find the cheapest offer through tactical filtering.

Gradually reduce the price search

Things. For example, if you filter the required player cards, such as Werner in this example, from 130K coins, we realize that there are still many offers. We also found what we wanted by narrowing it down from 130K Coins to the instant price. With the immediate purchase price of 110K coins, the selection has been reduced a lot.
If you play too deep without more clicks, look for the penultimate price and make yourself a cheap player!

Expert tips:

If you don’t get the lowest offer, you can increase your bid by 100 and start the search again. Therefore, you get a new offer again, but at a slightly higher price.
Fierce competition-sniping is nothing new!

If you think this is a problem generating a new Madden 22 coin variant, we will regret disappointing you. Many players use snipers to improve their lineup. Therefore, you must either be patient or very fast! The highest price disappears in a few seconds!

Important note: resale fees

To earn coins in the end, you must know that every game transaction sold will charge a 5% fee.

Small calculation example:

If you buy a player for 39,000 coins and resell him for 40,000 coins, you need to pay a fee of 2000 coins (= 40,000 x 0.05).

So you will make -1000 coins bad!

Your spread must be higher than the 5% fee so that you can enter the profit zone. This is how to calculate the correct price:

(Buy price + buy price * 5% = the new selling price of 0 coin profit and loss)


10000 + 10000 * 0.05 = 10,500 is the new sales price at which you will not lose money when reselling!

To make a profit now, you only need to sell at the calculated price. (New price> 10,500)

The best Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team tips for beginners:

Buy the “Get a Player” package for 500 Madden 22 coins! In each package, there is a player that can be sold on the transfer market. In most cases, you can only draw the silver medal, which is almost worthless. However, if you are lucky, there will be a gold or elite card that you can sell for thousands of coins in the transfer market.

In addition, from time to time, you draw some core rookies required by the project set. Just invest 10K coins in 20 packs and then make a cash drop. Especially at the beginning of the season, simple gold cards are still valuable, so you should exchange small wins with a few players.

We also recommend that you replace the bronze player with an upgrade set. Because there is usually an opportunity to buy the players needed for exchange at a low price in the transfer market. By selling cheap exchange players, you can earn coins in MUT 22. You can find them in the Item Sets area, and you should visit this area regularly anyway.

Both are Madden NFL 22 Ultimate Team databases. If you are looking for a perfect package, the website will help you. It lists the prices and skills of all players and valuable tools such as the Madden NFL 22 team builder and the latest information about the current promotions of Ultimate Team.

You should also make sure to carry the best rewards in MUT 22 with you. On the one hand, you can do this thanks to the four single-player battles you can play every week. Even matches against AI opponents are often dull, and boring-they are well rewarded, which is especially helpful at the beginning of the season.

If you prefer to play Madden NFL 22 online, there is no way to bypass MUT Champions, equivalent to the weekend league on Madden 22. The more 25 games you win over the weekend, the better your rewards will be. In addition, you can compete with the best players in the world, which will automatically improve you and learn new skills.

To allow you to win more MUT Champions competitions, we have prepared another Madden game technique for you: in the Madden Ultimate Team game options, set Coin Toss 1st Choice to “Kick.” In this way, you can start defending more often and get the ball in the second half, which will give you a slight tactical advantage.


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