How to Build a Bitcoin Tracker Android App?


How can cryptocurrency traders continue to deal in such volatility for their several different portfolios? Traditional methods like Excel table sheets are insufficient. Current market information in real-time is key for traders to make good decisions about cryptocurrency trading. These data are not sufficient, however. As compared with the conventional investment markets in crypto-monetary markets, the crypto-monetary market is much smaller. So relatively small amounts of trade can and do have a major effect. Even a relatively minor incident like a South Korean trading site hack can have a huge impact on the entire crypto industry. Cryptocurrencies forums and social media groups are often abusive about these cases. Crypto traders are also focused on social media news and patterns for their purchasing decisions. For a better outcome, you can use visit Bitcoin Investing Guide.

How to Build a Bitcoin Tracker Android App

Approach to Develop Tracker App

A personalized software project is the crypto-portfolio tracker app development. You can speed up the project in several respects. To receive market data feeds in your application, you can use ‘Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This method, I suggest. However, I suggest using a Mobile Backend (MBaaS) for the backend to design and build mobile front ends. It spares time. More later on. You need to build a competent team and test the app thoroughly.

APIS Function of a Tracker App

The APIs removes the need to “reinvent the wheel,” and there are API options for accessing market data from cryptography in your app.

Blox API

Blox provides the cryptocurrencies financial management platform with an API. This API can be used for other blockchains and exchanges. This API allows the app to retrieve data from exchanges. Many important exchanges like GDAX are covered in the Blox API. With this API, you can have a dashboard in your app to handle the exchange of differences and wallet integrations. You can check your previous transactions by the API as well. There you can access your team’s tutorials. For more details on their API, please contact Blox.

Nomics API

The API for cryptocurrency market info, Nomics, provides its crypto-market monitoring tool. Your mobile application will access crypto-exchange prices, market data, and information. It is a multitude of cryptocurrencies. They include leading crypto exchanges such as Binance, Gemini, Coinbase, Poloniex, and GDAX. With the Nomics API, you can obtain the following data types:

  • Trades and orders on over ten famous exchanges of cryptos;
  • Cap, market cap, and availability of historic crypt aggregate; price.
  • It’s not a comprehensive list. The information is almost in real-time.
  • You can view and receive comprehensive API documentation here. Check your plans for prices here.

CryptFolio API

Also available are CryptFolio, the cryptocurrency, and the portfolio management platform.

  • Users can sync their trade from various wallets and exchanges.
  • Crypto-trading enables software consumers to control their tax liability.
  • The app can provide crypto market performance charts.
  • In the app, users can configure notifications.
  • The CryptFolio API includes Bittrex, Bitfinex, GDAX, Binance, and Kraken for primary crypto exchanges.
  • It also covers popular crypto wallets such as Ledger.
  • New cryptocurrencies are collected automatically, and your app can therefore access their data automatically.

Coin Stats API

The famous tracker portfolio for cryptocurrency, Coin Stats, provides its API as well. You can extract and display coin prices in your app using this API. A historical global average price chart can be incorporated. You can receive data from supporting crypto exchanges. You can also see stock rates on all exchanges in your application. The API allows tickers to receive exchange and coin values. Currency prices, news related to cryptography, and other functionality that you can add to their API. Here you can review and contact their comprehensive API information for pricing plans.

Design and Development

Therefore the UI/UX is essential for you to concentrate on the following:

  • Mobile browsing, which can be helpful with our guide “Mobile menu exemplary;.”
  • Mobile icon design to use our “How to build the perfect icon for your mobile app” guide;
  • For the creation of color schemes for the mobile app, please use our “8 trends in the mobile app color scheme.”

Managing Backend of Mobile

Although our guides will help with the UI/UX architecture and the APIs, you will need more help to speed up creating core functions. Creation and maintenance of mobile backend require time and continuous effort. The mobile backend encompasses many aspects such as cloud computing, persistent storage, database provision, user authentication, user management, push notification, and protection. All this is handled by MBaaS suppliers and can save considerable time by subscribing to a reputable MBaaS provider.

Effective Tools

The mobile app needs to be improved often. There is a limited release period. Such development includes testing automation, construct management, and implementation of code. A strong mix of DevOps resources needs to be found. Jenkins and Selenium, I suggest using. For more suggestions, please read “Top 10 DevOps Resources you needed to know in 2018.”

Creating a Tracker App

This is an agile project, so I suggest the methodology ‘Scrum’ for iterative growth. The PM is the ‘Scrum Master,’ while the criteria are set out in a ‘product backlog’ document for a ‘product owner’ (PO). The ‘Sprint’ is prepared in a sprint preparation meeting with these inputs. The team organizes a status meeting called a Regular Stand-Up Meeting. The project stakeholders agree to the sprint at this meeting, but the team holds a classroom meeting later. That’s the ‘Retrospective Sprint Meeting.’ Please read our “Construction of a Scrum development team” guide for more details.


The costs for APIs, SashiDoMBaaS, and Trello are available on or from the providers’ websites. You have developers to recruit. The cost of work depends on the application’s complexity and the local labor market. For this complex development project, you will want professional support.


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