When Does the Current Fortnite Season End?


Fortnite is well-known for its seasonal structure, which frequently updates the mechanics and visuals, so it never gets dull. Players love this changing habit almost as much as they love the game, allowing it to remain fresh. You can also start the game like a new character each time, knowing how to change Fortnite name, so it’s new each season. So prepare for the next update, which will make the game shine again for you.

When Does the Current Fortnite Season End

When Does Chapter 3 Season 3 End?

According to the official Fortnite website, Chapter 3 Season 3 will last until September 17, 2022. This is the time until which the Battle Pass is valid. Then, after a few days, the next season will begin. It’s not clear, though, what it will bring (though we can speculate).
Seasons on Fortnite usually end with some event; something is happening on the Island, transforming it. New characters make their first cameo to appear in the next season fully. And there are hints about bigger chains of events between various forces that make their mark on the Island battles.

What Do You Need to Do While the Season Lasts?

While Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is still on, you can spend your time on Fortnite doing the following:

  • Complete quests to get rewards. As usual, season exclusives become available with Battle Pass, though you still need to work hard to earn them.
  • Get fantastic (in every meaning) skins. This time, among them are the two most iconic characters created by Lucasfilm, Indiana Jones, and Darth Vader. Where else could you see them collide?
  • Get emoticons, gliders, contrails, and other exclusives available only this season. They may return once again… or never.
  • Enjoy the psychedelic visions in Reality Falls. It’s not clear whether this location will make it to the next season (probably it won’t), so enjoy these mushrooms and trees while they are here.
  • See what the upcoming updates bring. They always transform the locations, add new characters, and implement new gameplay elements.
  • Find all seven Dragon Balls.
  • Play in no-build mode. Yes, the building is what makes Fortnite stand out among other Battle Royale games. But still, many love this game for other reasons and would like to ignore building. And so far, you can.

The current season is among the most creative in the history of Fortnite, and if you enjoy it, give it time while it lasts.

What to Expect From the Next Season?

Epic keeps it secret so far, so let’s wait until the official announcement arrives. Yet there are some leaks and suggestions to make, and they are the following.

  • Marvel characters. They appeared in a leaked trailer that hasn’t been confirmed so far. Hulk, Miles Morales, Gwen Stacy, The Vision, and Iron Patriot are the 5 characters featured. That can mean a huge collaboration with Marvel (which is now, as well as Lucasfilm, owned by Disney).
  • Eminem is on a live event. His appearance has been heavily hinted at by, for example, the in-game radio playing his tracks incessantly. It has been confirmed on the same radio. But it’s unclear whether Em will deliver a big event on the Island or appear as a skin — or some of them, including Slim Shady and B-Rabbit.
  • More of the story development. The Island has always had a lot of things going on behind it, so expect new revelations.
  • New weapons, items, locations, and mechanics. Though we can’t tell you exactly what they will be.

Anyway, this will be made official sooner than later, and so far, we have quite a lot to enjoy in Season 3. So when you’ve read it, launch the game and give it some time!


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