How to Block Someone on Spotify?


Spotify is considered one of the best musical apps these days. There are millions and billions of songs on Spotify that you can listen to any time. There are available sources to find the best place to buy Spotify plays, followers and streams. But a few times some users may experience some weird problems that help you block that unwanted person on the list. Every artist from small to large, from global to local, everyone uses Spotify for streaming their songs. And not just artists but in today’s age every person would want to listen to the songs on Spotify and enjoy the streams or I would say kill your boredom.

How to Block Someone on Spotify

Well, the one question that comes to mind is can you block anybody on Spotify and this is one of the great questions and let me break it down for you guys to understand. Well, unfortunately, you can’t block anybody on Spotify and also you can’t make your profile private like any other social platform.

One of the great reasons for this would be because this one is not a communicating app like Facebook or Instagram. You can’t communicate, chat or facetime people here. This platform is like a radio that will only play the songs.

But How Does Spotify Stand Out From All of Its Counterparts?

Not like any other social media platform where you can chat with people, or even can have fun with them. so, as I have already told you that this is not a social media site for chatting, you can come across features that are not meant to be. Or don’t serve their purpose well, few features can help you here and some kind of advantage so that you can tackle these problems.

Let me explain it one by one for you to cover it as a whole.

The First is Make It The Private Playlist

Suppose you are worried about what if some other users can see your playlist to avoid this you can make your playlist private.

You have to follow a few instructions and this way you can make your playlist private, and nobody will be able to see it.

Follow The Instructions

At first, select the options, here you will click on the three dots you find there that will appear next to your button called to play.

Then Click on The Make Secret Option

If you follow this procedure you would see you can make any of your playlists private. This would be the easiest way for hiding your playlist from other people.

Selecting Artists You Don’t Want to Listen to in Future

This way you will have this option where you don’t play these very specific artists. And when you make your playlist public even in such conditions this app will not play songs for that person as well.

For enabling this option you have to go to

  • At first in settings.
  • Then click on the “don’t play for this artist”.
  • After selecting this option when you will make a playlist public this specific person will not be able to see your list.

Make Your Account Anonymous

Yes, when you will make your account anonymous, you are like a free bird and this way you can listen to anything without the fear of being judged.

Here’s How You Can Make Your Account Anonymous

  • You would link up your account with Facebook and other sites.
  • Never use your real name, you should add any fake name you want.
  • Listening to songs anonymously

Or you can choose to listen to the songs anonymously. When you enable this option you are free to listen to whatever you want. And nobody will be able to find out about your list.

  • Here click on the carrot that is next to your name.
  • Here click on the settings.
  • Unfollowing that annoying person you don’t want anymore.

A very simple method for hiding your stuff from such an annoying person would be if you unfollow these people. Spotify will only show your activities to your followers, or those you are following.

Here you would go down and select on the social sections and then click on these toggles that you would find very next to the option called “make your list public” this way it will turn grey. After that, you can start your private session of listening to songs. That will also turn toggles. This way it will turn into both green and grey for the next two options.

After that, you can make your playlist that is already existing much private, here’s the guide.

  • Open the list called a playlist.
  • You will find three dots very next to the play button towards the playlist page.
  • Here you have to click on the make secret option.

Some Other Ways Can Be

The very first reason would be contacting Spotify about how you can block someone particularly or where you can stop following them.

If you want to block them you have a very close relationship, like let us say your ex or something. This can be hard and painful but we can find you away.

Or if you actively follow this man and you want to see what kind of music they are listening to this way it will bring you down. You can become so critical of the real stuff or maybe guilty.

Now if your particular concern is how would you block them specifically on Spotify there you can find various troubles but in the end, you have got your answer.


At the present point, you would say this is unlucky because there are several options you can try to block even on to Spotify. So, not just this but in future uses this feature will be added so that you can take a hundred percent from Spotify. Right now is just a music platform Spotify lacks so many of these options but with time this is going to improve itself. all the main information has been settled for you in this article.


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