How to Choose The Right Taoist Training Course


Taoists are practical people – they will only teach you practical Taoism. As opposed to common thought about the practice, Taoism does not dwell upon spiritual or religious activities or rituals. According to reports, around 12 million people practice Taoism worldwide.

How to Choose The Right Taoist Training Course

Taoist training courses are all about learning how to be like the legendary hermits, who knew the secrets of life and longevity, lived in harmony with nature, and attained their destiny; like the Taoist sages, who could fly in the air and were never seen aging; like immortals, who ate only air but lived to be thousands of years old.

The following article will explain finding the best course for Taoist training online.

1) Check the Accreditation and Certification of the Taoist Training Course

Many courses are just given out for free, but they’re either given out by unqualified people who don’t even practice or by experts who know it would be a waste to charge anyone. In both cases, it is advisable to rather stay away from taking such courses, because there’s a reason why they offer everything for free.

Taoist schools also provide training courses but only offer accreditation after you have completed a certain number of years studying with them. They hold the right to withdraw their offer of teaching you any further at any time without giving reasons or refunding your money.

These schools can be found by finding a teacher and joining their lineage. You’re not required to pay anything during the course in these schools, but you cannot leave until they consider your training finished.

2) Consider Learning from a Taoist Hermit

The only free instruction worth its salt is what’s provided by real Taoist hermits who have achieved some level of Taoist cultivation. Interestingly, such hermits are rare and should be treasured when found because they’re tough to find nowadays, even in China, let alone outside of it.

Unfortunately, this kind of Taoist training online is not easy either; you will need inner discipline and patience for this one. You should meditate at least several hours a day and try to live as closely as possible to the life of such hermits. It requires having a quiet place, no disturbance from people, and no entertainment, just several hours of meditating each day.

3) Learn from a Taoist Master with a Great Reputation

Suppose you have been practicing some other kind of meditation or already have an excellent general health condition, not necessarily as an ascetic. In that case, this option might be better for you to get faster results.

Of course, you can find a lot of Taoist masters with good reputations online, but keep in mind that not all are real. Look for those tested by history and have many testimonials from their students confirming the results they’re getting before looking into their websites or opening any communication with them to discuss details.

4) Find a Taoist Training Course Offering Different Meditation Levels

Some courses offer one kind of meditation, like Energy Circulation, while others offer all kinds. It is wise to choose the one that you feel the most attracted to and suitable for your lifestyle. Also read review of the Mindvalley ultramind course.

The former is good if you’re already busy and can’t afford to take days off; the latter is good if you have plenty of free time and want to get started with Taoist training immediately.

These are some tips that will help find a Taoist learning course online.


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