How to Arrange an Office Relocation


Moving from one house to another can be a stressful experience. But when you move your office, it can be much more complicated. Office moves need to be coordinated and planned because it is essential to get up and running again in the shortest time possible. According to Outer Space Removalist in Bondi Junction, great care must be taken so that no critical materials are lost or broken during the move, and everything gets to the right place the first time. An essential aspect of an office move is the people you hire to do the relocation. But planning, and communication are equally important. Here are a few suggestions to help your moving experience go smoothly.

How to Arrange an Office Relocation

• Find the Best Removal Company: An office relocation has the best chance of success when the removal company is adequately equipped to do the job. Experienced and professional office relocation in Bangkok can be arranged through an Internet search. Ask about their procedure, packing and unpacking services, and whether they have storage facilities and specialized gear for oversized or delicate equipment. Security issues are also a concern, particularly with your data and IT equipment. A professional company will have procedures for all these concerns.

• Planning: Whether you are moving across the city or another country, office moves need to be coordinated and thought through. It is good to have someone in charge of the planning and people in charge of separated divisions. It would help if you had a good idea about the space you are moving to and what departments and equipment go where. When that is established, a system of labelling should be used that makes it obvious where the item is to end up and what department it belongs to. There should also be a method of confirming that every item on the inventory has arrived.

• Scheduling: Moving an office with many employees may require departments to work in shifts to pack their departments, and you might consider a shutdown of operations from the least critical to most. So that the essential parts of the organisation are only off-line for a short time, you might also consider having a temporary office in place to handle daily operations. Ensure that everyone is aware of when they are expected to return and what extra duties are required.

• Notify Your Suppliers and Customers: Moving day is not the day to receive shipments or meet with customers. Every precaution should be taken to ensure that everyone knows that you are moving, what days you will be out of operation, and where the new location is. You should also display signage that explains the situation to those you were unable to contact.

Moving to a new location is an opportunity to fine-tune your operation and get a fresh start. Make sure to make a thorough assessment of the previous operation and implement changes to the new. Give your staff time to adjust to the new location and develop new workflow and routines. If correctly done, your office move should be an improvement and a time of high morale and positivity for the future. A successful move is a step forward and something to be enjoyed by all.


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