Why All-Round Development is Important for Successful Education


Some people far from the educational sphere tend to think that all-around development presupposes excellence in academics. However, it’s a wrong opinion. Today we’ll share some useful knowledge about the all-round development and its importance to make more people understand it. Well, the aim of all-round development isn’t to make students attend more classes, do more homework, and study disciplines that aren’t necessary for them just to be a well-rounded person. Curriculums had better teach self-directed learning to achieve this purpose. All-round development is a bit different. It aims to develop all qualities of students, and it consists of several aspects: cultural, moral, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social development. The traditional approach to education prioritizes academic excellence only.

Why All-round Development is Important for Successful Education

Some educators think there’s no point in spending students’ time developing these qualities because they don’t contribute to successful education. However, we have a different view on it. Nowadays, more schools and colleges start to focus on all-round development. And since not all people understand why it is good for academic excellence, we’ll make this topic clearer here. Let’s review each component and define its strong sides.

Health or physical development

Free access to sports is why many people like the introduction of all-round development in schools and colleges. It’s great that more and more individuals realize sports never hinder academic development and even encourage it. Fortunately, sports was, is, and will be an integral part of the educational process, and many countries, including the USA, devote great attention to students’ excellence in sports. First of all, all students and educators should be aware of the brain’s benefits after physical activity. Regular training improves blood circulation in the brain and makes it work better. As a result, students spend less time doing assignments, memorize information faster, and become more effective learners. Total wellness equals the absence of stress, anxiety, and exhaustion that make you excel at school or college.

Moral or ethic development

The teacher’s aim is not just to share knowledge, but also to raise the upstanding members of modern and future society. That’s why moral development should be an essential element of education. Curriculums should be composed to teach proper values, behaviors, and attitudes towards other people. It presupposed studying the society and various issues it has and the factors that caused them. Ethic development is also about making the right decisions and understanding the consequences of taking them. There’s no point in raising a well-educated and knowledgeable person having no understanding of how to behave in society and treat other people.

Social development, or communication

Living in the modern world means interacting with people all the time. These interactions presuppose communication (either personal or business) and teamwork. The absence of social development guarantees that the person will not be able to excel in these two activities. Social development helps to build a positive attitude towards all people surrounding you. As a result, students understand the different roles people occupy in society and realize how to treat all people. Social development is important — even when you ask an expert “https://writeanessayfor.me,” you interact with this person and should be socially responsible and polite.

Cultural or creativity development

This aspect implies studying cultural diversity and practicing one’s skills in arts, music, and dancing. And teachers should emphasize diversity while teaching it. We are living in a multicultural society, and the awareness of traditions and other cultures is the key to mutual respect and a peaceful society. We mentioned that experts consider all-round development separate from education; however, the knowledge of cultures and traditions students get while being engaged in arts, crafts, dancing, and other activities is supposed to help them excel in school.

Spiritual development

This component rarely stands separately; in most cases, experts tend to include it in moral or cultural development. In truth, it has much in common with the moral aspect since spiritual development focuses on non-material things. We mean values, purposes, and feelings. Stop thinking that spiritual development is connected to God: let students believe in what they want. They learn to respect other people, be responsible and understand what differs people. All it helps them achieve success in studying.

The bottom line

There are different classifications of all-round development, and they all allocate own components. Here we tried to touch all the most important aspects and explain how they benefit the overall development of students. All of them benefit academic success. The hope for educational institutions which should finally change curriculums to make them comply with the purposes of all-round development. Yet, it’s the only approach to letting educational institutions raise and teach future citizens.


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